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CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log 2018


CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log

Thank you to the 2018 Honorary Flight Log supporters!

The following supporters have stepped up to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Because their mark on history should never be forgotten, this Honorary Flight Log represents the commitments made to ensure the inspirational message of the Tuskegee Airmen will continue to be shared with people of all ages.

2018 Honorary Flight Log supporters

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There are currently 3788 names in this directory
Harold P Carter

J Douglas Vansant

James H Taylor

Robert Hedgepeth

A Paul Brokaw

A Quindlen

A R Taylor

A. Brickler

A. Calvin Laws

A. Madeline Smith

A. Madeline_Smith

A. Paul Brokaw

Aaron Carr

Aaron Michael

Aaron Speller

Accurate Felt & Gasket MFG

Accurate Felt & Gasket MFG Co Inc

Ada Crooks

Ada J Crooks

Addie Butler

Adrian D Beverly

Adrienne Hill

Al Allenback

Al C Smith

Alan Archard

Alan C Stine, Lt Col

Alan C Stringer

Alan Harleston

Alan Joice

Alan LeBlanc

Alan Miller

Alan Nolte

Alan Rollinger

Alan Thiel

Alan Weaver

Albert C Reed

Albert Coker Jr

Albert H Small

Albert Handy

Albert Henderson

Albert Ilg

Albert Krieger

Albert L Wynn

Albert Lewis

Albert McGee

Albert Nixon

Albert R Mazza

Albert Smith

Albert W Girotti

Albert Wilson

Alberta Knight

Albertine Johnson

Aletha Moore

Alex Carothers

Alex Cobb Jr

Alex Mathews

Alex McCalla

Alexander Dixon

Alexander Ray

Alfonso G Jones Jr

Alfonso Ratcliffe

Alfonso Thompson

Alfred Carson

Alfred Howell

Alfred Hurd

Alfred Rankins

Alfred Reynolds

Alfred Smialek

Alfred T Dorsey

Alfrieda Hancock

Alger Johnson

Algernon Grant

Ali Alrahman

Alice B Dempster

Alice James Sellers

Alice La Prelle

Alice Paisner

Allan M Gregory

Allan Passerman

Alleane Williams

Allen Gillette

Allen Boutte

Allen D Harves

Allen Frame

Allen Gillette

Allen J Moye

Allen L Kumpula Jr

Allen Mathews

Allen Matthews

Allen Travers

Allen Vogt

Allen Young

Alonzo Mc Clinton

Alonzo Stanley Rogers

Alphonse Mudd

Alphonzo G Nelson

Althea D Jenkins

Alton Garrett

Alton L. Garrett, Jr

Alvin A Williams

Alvin Jones

Amalia L Pellon

Amalia Pellon

Ambrose McMillian

Ameenah Mukarram

Amelia E Cunningham

Amelia Vinal

Amy L Maddox

Ana C Borgersen

Anderson Green

Anderson Worrell

Andre Jones

Andrea Donnor

Andres Carnot

Andrew Travnicek

Andrew B Holloway

Andrew Bonds Jr

Andrew Bosier

Andrew King

Andrew L Bowman

Andrew McKenzie

Andrew Travnicek

Andrew Williams

Angel Pala

Angelan F Stewart

Angelle Ruppert

Angie Henderson

Anita D Bonds

Anita M Black

Anita Westberg

Anmarie Roache

Ann Bouey

Ann Lyness

Ann P Carter

Anna Daily

Anna Mae Moore

Anna Tolbert

Anne Coleman

Anne G. Lynch

Anne Hall

Anne M Jackson

Annetta W Nunn

Annette Bennett

Annette Doster

Annette Powe

Annette Smith

Annie Cain

Annie L Hall

Annie Ruth Scarville

Annie Waters

Anselm C Staack

Anthony Clemendor MD

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Goodson

Anthony Hill

Anthony Hilliard

Anthony J Parzanese Sr

Anthony L Miller

Anthony L Snoddy

Anthony L Waters

Anthony M Wright Sr

Anthony Milano

Anthony S Jenkins

Anthony T Smith

Anthony Trouern-Trend

Anthony Tunstall

Anthony Yandoli

Antoinette Ervin in honor of Gerry Ervin

Antoinette Sebastian

Antonia Marie Palermo

Antonio Francis

Archie McDaniel

Archie Melvin

Ardell Williams

Arianna Suber

Arlander Barker

Arleen Talley

Arlene Donaldson

Arline Matthews

Arlo A Finney

Armand Ventura

Armond Mayo

Armond Mayo

Arnie Chapman

Arnold & Carol Zegart

Art Beckwith

Art Caggiano

Arthur Bowser

Arthur C Latno Jr

Arthur Chasin

Arthur D Tyson

Arthur Drye

Arthur Easterly

Arthur G Roberts

Arthur H Elbee

Arthur Harreden

Arthur Jefferson

Arthur L Davis

Arthur Martin

Arthur R Tate

Arthur Rasberry

Arthur Sandercock

Arthur Schoenstadt

Arthur Turner

Artie Sanders

Arturo Boykin

Arturo S Boykin

Asar Gray

Atlee M Cunningham Jr

Aubrey E Black

Aubrey Ford

Audrea Calloway

Audrey T Montgomery

Audrey Vickdankwa

August and Thora Bolino

August C Bolino

Aurelio Topete

Austin Moore

Avis D Butler

Avis M Bonds

Aziza Taylor in honor of Walter M. Camper & Early Taylor

B D Hale

B J McCoy

B Reid

B. Reid

B.L. Snediker

B.L. Sneidker

Babs Dunlap

Bacardi Wright

Barbara A Barber

Barbara B Allen

Barbara Barber

Barbara Bayless

Barbara Boone

Barbara C McClain

Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton in memory of James Pryde, Sr.

Barbara Davis

Barbara Hackett

Barbara J Polite

Barbara J Wood

Barbara Kieser

Barbara L Hunt

Barbara Lawrence

Barbara Powell

Barbara Risius

Barbara S Bayless

Barbara Thomas

Barbara Twitty

Barbara Warrick-Johnson

Barrie Wilkes

Barry Abrams

Barry Brownstein

Barry Hogue

Barry Jaynes

Barry L Obie

Barry Obie

Barry S Jaynes

Bart Joyce

Beatrice J Clark

Becky Beasley

Bemis Locklear

Benjamin & Gwendolyn Marion

Benjamin A Patton

Benjamin C Newkirk

Benjamin F. Logan, Sr.

Benjamin J Dent

Benjamin Marion Jr

Benjamin Oliver

Benjamin Oliver in memory of Lt Leroy Bowman

Benjamin Smallwood

Benjamini Pratt

Bennie L Irvin

Benson Thomas

Beola Clark

Bernadette Banks

Bernadette Stratton

Bernard Casino

Bernard Jefferson

Bernard Upshaw

Bernice Bradley

Bernice Grier

Berry Carter

Bethel A.M.E. Church

Betsy Gidwitz

Betty Barnes

Betty Beverly-Stigger

Betty L Austin

Betty Rucker

Bettye Mc Call

Beverly Barsy

Beverly Olson

Beverly Reid

Bill Stefanech

Bill G Elms

Bill Huff

Bill Shepard

Billie J Proctor

Billy G Phillips

Billy J Moore

Billy R Heron

Black United Fund of Michigan, Inc.

Blanche Watson

Bob Anthony

Bob Anthony

Bob Juden

Bob Judge

Bob Terrell

Bobbie L. Walker

Bobby F Coates

Bobby Grier

Bobby Hendren

Bobby L Watson

Bonnie D Rivers Jr

Bonnie Goldenberg

Booker T Brown

Brad Pickle

Bradley Frey

Bradley Pickle

Brenda & Gregory Hamer

Brenda Landman

Brenda S Grape

Brian Clark

Brian D Hilliard

Brian Isle

Brian J Dara

Brian Schmidt

Brian Turner

Brooks E Shelton

Brown Helicopter Inc

Bruce A Ziegler

Bruce Bennett

Bruce H Wickmann

Bruce H. Wickmann

Bruce Loughry

Bruce Nagle

Bruce Schofield

Bruce Stewart

Bruce Underwood

Bruno Pitts

Bryan and Maria Jones

Burton Lowe

Byron H Taylor

Byron Rovine

C D Revie

C Frederick Johnson

C J Ransom

C Roy Epps

C Russell De Burlo

C. Askins

C. Atterbury

C. Horsey

C. Roy Epps

C. Russell De Burlo

CAF Colonel Chappell

CAF Colonel Dan Bunch

Calvin C Crittenden

Calvin D Morton

Calvin F Cole Sr

Calvin Harmon

Calvin Jones

Calvin Schuler

Calvin Washington

Calvin Wims

Candace Green-Turner

Capt John E Allen

Capt Thomas J Fenaughty

Capt. Richard F. McLaughlin

Carl McCargo

Carl Clark

Carl Davis

Carl E Jennings

Carl E Powell

Carl Henke

Carl Parker

Carl R Abrams

Carla D Williams

Carlessia A Hussein

Carleton Spinner

Carlos Omphroy

Carlton Alexis

Carlton W Miller

Carlyle A Butts

Carlyle Melleby

Carmen B Abad-Fitts

Carmen Harriot

Carnie A Hayes Jr

Carol & Frank Loscalzo

Carol B Russell

Carol Boone Thompson

Carol E Lamb

Carol Horne Penn

Carol L Wooley

Carol Ramsey

Carol Skiber

Carole D Robinson

Carole D. Robinson in memory of Paul R. Robinson

Carole Page

Carole Woolfork

Caroline McClendon

Carolyn B Theodore

Carolyn Baker Ferdinand

Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Causer

Carolyn D Jones

Carolyn Edwards

Carolyn Joyner

Carolyn Kilpatrick

Carolyn O Tillman

Carolyn Redd

Carolyn Scott

Carolyn Tillman

Carrie Coats

Cassandra Bivins

Catherine Houghton

Catherine James

Catherine W Houghton

Catherine Webb

Cdr Fred Hale

Cebert Collymore

Cecil Chisolm

Cecil Porter

Cecil W Snow

Cecile E. Jones in memory of Lt. Major E Jones

Cedric R Dave

Celeste Dickerson

Celeste Walker

Celestine A Brabble

Charles A Francis

Charles A Pfeiffer

Charles Amos

Charles Anderson

Charles B Taylor

Charles Betty Weissman

Charles Breiner

Charles Bridges

Charles Brown

Charles Cheever

Charles D McCarthy

Charles D Stokes

Charles David Coleman

Charles E Berry

Charles E Boyd

Charles E Grant

Charles E Wilson

Charles F Murphy

Charles Fantroy

Charles Gaines

Charles Jonah

Charles Jones

Charles L Fowler

Charles L Hairston

Charles Lockhart

Charles Loney

Charles Lutz

Charles M Traughber

Charles Mahoney

Charles Meadows

Charles Mitchell

Charles O Abernathy

Charles P Carey

Charles Prater

Charles Purcell

Charles R Brader

Charles R McKee

Charles R Salter

Charles Reid

Charles Rhone

Charles S Oslakovic

Charles S Warren

Charles Salter

Charles Taylor

Charles V Butler

Charles Veals

Charles W Rector

Charles Webb

Charles Whitaker

Charles White

Charles Williams

Charley Jones

Charlie Gray

Charlie McKinney

Charlotte Farley

Charlottee Umoja

Charlsa Satterfield

Chatmon Houston

Cheri Walker

Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Chambers

Cheryl Odom

Cheryl Shivers

Cheryll A Dunn

Cheryll Dunn in honor of Charles G. Dunn

Chester A Alford

Chester A Beverly

Chester Guyer Jr

Chester Lambert

Chi Mo

Chlela Stacey

Chlela Stacey in honor of Clayton Ellis Lockhart

Chlora Nickolson

Choice Edwards

Choice Edwards in honor of Barbara Keel

Chris Fuldner

Chris T Sadiq

Chrissie Nash

Christina Beltz

Christopher Parios

Christopher F Erskine

Christopher P Griffin

Christopher Vichiola

Christos Tsakiridis

Chuck Chaplin

Chuck Purvis

Chuck Rikli

Claire Wilson

Clara Allen-Nixon

Clara M Hall

Clara M Jones

Clara R Stanton

Clara Stanton

Clarance Johnson

Clarence Brown

Clarence Childs

Clarence Davis III

Clarence J Williams Jr

Clarence R Webb

Clarence Robie

Clarence Willis

Clark Lowe

Claude Ellis

Claude Ellis Jr

Claude H Weibel

Claude Hildreth III

Claude Riggins

Claude V. Weir, Jr.

Claudette Bridgeford

Claudette Jones

Clause Riggins

Cleavon Redwine

Cleo E McPherson

Clifford Bassham

Clifford Gibbs

Clifford H Swensen Jr

Clifton M Fox

Clinton Bourgeois

Clinton Dodge

Clinton Gulley

Clinton H Giles

Clinton Horton Jr

Clinton L David

Clinton L Toms

Clive Fenton

Cmsgt Dale Young USAF Ret

Cmsgt Eddie Lee Hillsman

Cmsgt Howard Anderson

Col Albert M Randall

Col Barry Jaynes

Col Barry S Jaynes

Col Billy G Phillips

Col Charles W Rogers

Col David B Marcrander

Col Ennio Senia

Col Franklin J Henderson

Col Gene D Hartman

Col Herman L Price

Col Jack L Krout

Col James Kent

Col James B Randels

Col James E Daniel

Col James J Kent

Col Lawrence R Walker

Col Mary Austin

Col Quentin J Smith Jr

Col Quentin Smith

Col Raymond H Lee

Col Reginald A Murray

Col Roger L Jacks

Col Stephen P Vancil

Col William L Schalker

Coleman Porter

Colleen C Barrett

Collis Turner

Compton Jones

Connie Land

Constance A Burns

Constance Burwell

Constance Congdon

Constance L Rice

Constance Major

Cora Beckom

Cora Rouse

Corinne Bart

Corliss Newhouse

Cornelius Stripling

Cornell Langford

Corrie Prince

Cort Van Rensselaer

Cpo Michael Skillern

Craig Adams

Craig Francis

Craig H Salley

Craig Lindsay

Craig Littlefield

Craig Shuler

Craig Steineck

Cristiano Santos

Crystal Darling

Curt Turrill

Curtis Bloomquist

Curtis Jones Jr

Curtis Limerick

Curtis Pettaway

Curtis Strommen

Cwo Robert L Brown

Cynthia Halderson

Cynthia Heard

Cynthia Heath

Cynthia M Heath

Cynthia Orage

Cynthia Paul

Cynthia Teiko

Cyprian Belle Jr

Cyrus Spurlino

D A Sparkman

D M Dean

D Steel

D.R. Rietsch

Dale A Shriver

Dale Andrews

Dale Boger

Dale C. Buffaloe

Dale Carrison

Dale H Davenport

Dale M Weatherspoon

Dale Middleton

Dale Toth

Dale Young

Dallas Smith

Dalton Martin

Dan Amos

Dan Herdeman

Dan Jasperse

Dan Longo

Dan Porter

Dandrae Douse

Daniel Mohn

Daniel Adler

Daniel Allen

Daniel B McGee

Daniel Boggan Jr

Daniel Brewer

Daniel C Adler

Daniel H Crute

Daniel Haberle

Daniel J Shybunko

Daniel L Drake

Daniel Lee

Daniel Mohn

Daniel Ollivierre

Daniel Ridout III

Daniel Scott

Daniuel Kozarich

Darlyne Menscer

Darrel J Therriault

Darrel Rippeteau

Darrell Marken

Darrell Tufts

Darren Beighley

Darwin Stith

Dave England

David & Eugenia Blomstom

David A England

David A England,Lt Col

David A Norris

David and Michiko Watanabe

David Baker

David Clark

David Cox

David D Harris Sr

David Denning

David Dixon

David E Alexander

David E Freeman

David E Starling

David F Miller

David F Richards Jr

David F. Warner

David Faulkner Jr

David Ferro

David French

David G Herzig

David Georgius

David Harris

David Harris, Sr

David Holmes

David Ingram

David Jones

David Kohler

David L Klaasen

David L Nelson

David L White Sr

David Loeppky

David M Pacheco

David Marcrander

David Martin

David McGraw

David Nelson

David P Faulkner Jr

David P Faulkner Jr., Major

David Prescott

David Pryor

David Richardson

David S Collins

David Shannon

David Sinkfield

David Starling

David Swansick

David T Lindsay

David Toliver Sr

David Vander Heide

David Vollmayer

David W Burke

David Wakeman

David Walters

David Ward

David Wells

David Whiting

David Williams II

David Witchger

David Zuck

DavidbHarris Sr

Dawn Amos

Dazelle Simpson

De Borah D Williams

Dean & Phyllis Hudson in memory of Randolph George Robinson, Sr.

Dean J Stoker

Dean Whipple

Debbie Combs

Debi Caffee

Deborah B and Glenn Shurney

Deborah Evains

Deborah Harris

Deborah I Gardner Sr

Deborah Lopez

Deborah Taylor

Deirdre S Battle

Del H Dugas

Delbert Dale Garst

Delbert L Odle

Delma Fransaw

Delores Hayes

Deloris Leftridge

Delouris Johnson

Denise Jones

Dennis Brown

Dennis Butler

Dennis Dyer

Dennis Edghill

Dennis Erby

Dennis Flancher

Dennis James Murphy

Dennis P Coyle

Dennis Thieret

Derek Hibbard

Derrell J Williams

Derrell Williams

Derrick Wall

Detroit Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.

Dewayne L Shipley

Diana J Bingham

Diane Bauer

Dianne M Engram

Dick McLean

Dierdre Shelton

Dierdre Shelton

Digital Currency Systems

Dirk G Jochems

Dolores Leonard

Dolores Powell

Dolores Sparks

Dolphin W Pierce

Dominic Leslie

Don Schiemann

Don A Basnight

Don A Collen

Don Bizzell

Don Cooper

Don Heuer

Don J Ward

Don James

Don Roper

Don Schiemann in honor of Alexander Jefferson

Don Watson

Donald & Theresa Couch

Donald Alf

Donald Bednar

Donald Bentley

Donald Berlin

Donald Braekevelt

Donald C Dean

Donald C Roane

Donald Callender

Donald Delauter

Donald E Fertenbaugh Jr

Donald Earl Bryant

Donald F Knehr

Donald F Rahn

Donald G Braekevelt

Donald G Goodwin

Donald H Leavenworth

Donald H Reese

Donald Holmes

Donald I Torburn

Donald J Kengott

Donald J Waldvogel

Donald Kengott

Donald Latson

Donald Leavenworth

Donald Leyden Sr

Donald Lundgren

Donald Martin

Donald Mostrando in honor of Pasqale Mostrando, USN

Donald P Gavelek CAF Col

Donald Roane

Donald Roper

Donald S Berlin

Donald Spencer

Donald Stephens

Donald Sumlar

Donald Trunkey

Donald Wade

Donald Wander

Donald Washington

Donna Akiba Sullivan

Donna Akiba Sullivan in memory of Earl Sullivan

Donna Cole

Donna Marie Verchio, Col USAF Ret

Donna Scott

Donnell Bacon

Donnie Simpson

Doreen M Banks

Dori Rockefeller

Doris A Derby

Doris Arrington in honor of Dr. Saul T. Wilson

Doris Vittatoe

Dorothy Aguirre

Dorothy Coleman

Dorothy D Holloway

Dorothy Harper

Dorothy L Faustino

Dorothy Legette

Dorothy Page Proctor

Dorothy Person

Dorothy R Scott

Dorothy Scott

Dorothy Stack

Dorothy Swafford

Dorris Harris-Haynes

Doug Baker

Doug King

Douglas Craig

Douglas D Shaw

Douglas G Burns

Douglas Johnson

Douglas L Brown

Douglas L Seibert

Douglas L Smith

Douglas N Wright

Douglas Price

Douglas Russell

Douglass I Randolph

Doyle Drake

Dr & Mrs Karl A Greene

Dr & Mrs Sidney Ranck

Dr C Freeman

Dr Carlessia A Hussein

Dr Carlos Omphroy

Dr Clarence O Mc Broom Jr

Dr David Kennedy

Dr Edna L Calhoun

Dr Eugene Dryer

Dr Eva Placentra-Sesso

Dr Francis E Le Jeune Jr

Dr Frank W Myers

Dr Helen S Hatchett

Dr Homer E Smith Jr

Dr Houston H Stokes

Dr Jack Weed

Dr Janice Hoffman Willis

Dr Joan Cooper

Dr John P Morgan

Dr Kairi R Mubarak

Dr L Julian Haywood

Dr O'Neil G Eastmond

Dr Owen Garrick

Dr Patricia Benjamin

Dr Peggy B Taylor

Dr Richard A Boyd

Dr Richard B Warner

Dr Richard Byrd

Dr T T Thompson

Dr Thomas Caskey

Dr Thomas E Benjamin Sr

Dr Thomas F Talbot

Dr Thomas W Alexander

Dr W N Woods

Dr Walter Cooper

Dr Walter Wynkoop

Dr William Kate Jr

Dr Willie G Scott

Dr Willie J Banks

Dr. Ariana Martin in honor of Keaira Harris

Dr. Artie L Polk

Dr. Homer Smith, Jr

Dr. Hubert Glover

Dr. Jeanne-Marie Miller

Dr. Paul Thurston

Dr. Philip Lewis

Dr. Thomas Mabry

Dr. William Steeves

Duboise Gooden

Dural Suite, Jr

Dwaine McCollum

Dwight Juliani

Dwight Morgan

Dwight Powell

Dwight Riley

E Camon Jr

E Wayne Lednum

Earl C Padgett

Earl E Cannon

Earl Fitchette

Earl G Adams

Earl Kulp

Earl McDaniel

Earl Padgett

Earl Webster

Earl Williams

Earline D Powell

Earnest Fingers

Earnest P Fingers

Ed Fitzpatrick

Ed Frost

Ed Reynolds

Ed West

Eddie B Ward

Eddie Jackson

Eddie L Rivers

Eddie L Slaughter

Eddie Sprangle

Edgar Northrup

Edgar Roulhac

Edison Lara

Edmund T Austin

Edna Easterwood

Edna Wilson

Edward Bonsall

Edward Brown

Edward Brown Jr

Edward Craig

Edward D Thomas

Edward Davis

Edward Drayton

Edward Finnegan

Edward Greer

Edward H Brown Jr

Edward H Hamm

Edward H. Brown, Jr.

Edward Hall

Edward Hamm

Edward K Feighner

Edward Kenavan

Edward L Dickerson

Edward L Greer

Edward L Smith

Edward Leonard II

Edward Leonard, II

Edward Matthew Harrison

Edward N Burney

Edward R Hallett

Edward Shelton

Edward T Boswell

Edward W Finnegan

Edward Whitaker

Edward Wright

Edwin Draney

Effie Clark

Eileen Adams

Eileen F Guillory

Elaine Witcher in memory of Robert Witcher, Jr

Elbert C Hinkson

Elbert Johnson

Eldred Ellis

Eldridge G Doubleday

Eldridge Price

Eleanor Ashhurst

Eleanor Cobb

Eleanor Dawkins

Eleanor F Bookwalter

Eleanor Finley

Elijah M Moore

Elijah Richards

Elijah W Thorne

Elinor Santor

Elizabeth Carson

Elizabeth D Haynes

Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Johns

Elizabeth Rucker

Ella Davis

Ella Demby

Ellen Guest

Elliott C Griffin

Ellis D Bingham

Elmer B Greey Jr

Elmer B Roddy

Elmer E Gray

Elsworth Locus

Elvena Jarvis

Elvin Graves

Emery and Elaine Pankratz

Emily K Spears

Emma Hughes

Emma J Moore

Emma L James

Emmanuel N Obianwu

Emoke Boldvay

Ennio Senia

EPPS Aviation

Eric Alexander

Eric E Willingham

Eric Griffin

Eric Kelly

Eric Parker Asplundh

Eric Piper

Eric Solberg

Eric Taylor

Erland Myers

Ernest A Burgin

Ernest Bell

Ernest Borders

Ernest Burgin

Ernest Butler

Ernest Clay

Ernest Collins

Ernest Faulkner

Ernest G Wilson

Ernest Harris

Ernest Hufschmidt

Ernest L Jameson

Ernest L Knight

Ernest Tate

Ernest W Smith

Ernie and Carolyn Baird

Errol A Phillip

Errol Kirk

Errol M Browne

Erroll & Elaine Davis

Ervin Williams

Esaw G Henry

Esterlene Anderson

Esther Avila

Esther Robbins

Ethel Jenkins

Ethel L Haskins

Ethyl McGee

Eugene Banks

Eugene Burnett

Eugene C Coleman

Eugene Dryer

Eugene Dryer, Dr

Eugene Hunter

Eugene Hutchens

Eugene L Barrington

Eugene Martin

Eugene Martin, Ltc

Eugene Meyer

Eugene R Ellis

Eugene R Hausmann

Eugene R Zanders

Eugene Rogers

Eulene F Shepherd

Euretia M Thaxton

Eva Placentra-Sesso

Evan English

Evelina Krout

Evelyn Anderson

Evelyn Bennett

Evelyn Edmond

Evelyn Franklin

Evelyn Tuckson

Everett Tolbert

Ezell & Linda Westbrook

Facer Law Office

Faith Alisa Moore

Fannie S Pruden

Farrell Adams

Father Lewis P. Bohler, Jr.

Faye W Chambers

Felicia Cox

Felix Barnett

Ferman Gleiser

Flora Goldston

Floraine F Van Orden

Floraine Van Orden

Florence Jay

Florence Puccio

Florida Brown

Floy Pelletier

Floyd A Randolph Jr

Floyd Bridges

Floyd E Guice Jr

Floyd Evans

Floyzell E Stevenson

Forrest Murphy

Foster H Williamson

Frances Bishop

Frances C Whitmore

Frances Carroll

Frances L Brown

Frances Mitchell

Frances Robinson Mitchell

Francie Howard Benyard

Francine Jackson

Francis Biotti

Francis E Le Jeune Jr

Francis Edward Warren

Francis Kalinowski

Francis Rossi

Frank & Janina Petscheck

Frank & Lorraine Myers

Frank Bauer

Frank Bell

Frank Bird

Frank Brown

Frank C Hooper

Frank D Davis

Frank D Robinson

Frank D'Orsi

Frank Davis

Frank Drayton

Frank E Walker

Frank Gregoire

Frank H Johns

Frank Hoenemeyer

Frank Huffhines

Frank Hutchinson

Frank J Heymann

Frank J Trisko

Frank Kenny

Frank Myers

Frank O Brown

Frank O Richards

Frank Pruitt

Frank Robinson

Frank S Rose

Frank W Harris, Col

Frank W Sherman

Frank West

Frank Williams

Frank Wohletz

Franklin Ampy

Franklin B James

Franklin Edward Williams Sr

Franklin O Harwell

Franklin Porter

Franklin Williams

Frantz & Cynthia Kenol

Franz Klaber

Fred B Smalls

Fred Driver

Fred Hale

Fred J Maynard

Fred Kapetansky

Fred Means

Fred Rouland

Fred Terry

Fred Vereen Jr

Fred W Hunter

Freddie Kennedy

Freddie Meyer

Freddie Murphy

Frederick L Carr

Frederick L White

Frederick McKinney

Frederick O Mitchell

Frederick R Drexler

Frederick Steiner

Frederick T Brown

Frederick Vanbrunt

Frederick Wright

Fredrick O'Neal

Fritz F Holt

G A Riley

G. A. Manning

G. Terrrell Morgan

G. Terrrell Morgan

Gabrielle Dujue

Gail Alston

Gail Earle

Gail Patterson

Ganga Srinivas

Gardenia Roper

Garfield Johnson

Garnet Hammond

Garnet W Hammond

Garry D Hall

Garry Turner

Garth Harding

Gartrell Robinson. Jr.

Garvis R Leak

Gary Anderson

Gary Baker

Gary Calgaard

Gary Chambers

Gary Cooper Srin honor of Leonard Mitchell

Gary David Enders

Gary F Cooper Sr

Gary Gray

Gary Kozan

Gary L Foreman

Gary L Heaviland

Gary Padgett

Gary Sackett

Gary Schmidt

Gary Stinnett

Gary Strausberg

Gary W Ardison

Gary Wilson

Gastonia Finch

Gene D Watson

Gene Kemner

Gene Nuckolls

Gene Watson

Gene Whitehouse

George Johnson

George Leibert

George A Ellis

George Anton

George B Smith

George Bearcroft

George C Davis

George Coelho

George Collins

George Drummond

George E Logan

George E Patterson

George Glaze

George H Dixon Jr

George H Elferink

George Hannold

George Healy

George Holmes

George Hughes

George J Wilson

George Johnson

George Jones

George Kurz

George L West

George Latimer

George Leibert

George Lukowski

George M Thelen

George McCauley

George McMurray

George Nicolau

George O Lewis

George Pfister

George R Baehr

George Seperich

George Shirley

George Stapleton

George Summers, Col & Mrs

George T Moses

George Thornton

George Trower

George Votta

George W Lukowski

George Walker

George Watts

George Wittemyer

George Wohn

Georgella Miller

Georgette Preston

Georgia Bonnie Williams

Gerald A Sears

Gerald Clark

Gerald F Cooper

Gerald F De Notto

Gerald Feeney

Gerald Frazier

Gerald P Kaminsky

Gerald S Early

Gerald Z Gibian

Geraldine Newton

Geraldine Parker

Gerard McIlvain

Gerry Gzesh

Gilbert Cargill

Gilbert Gagnon

Ginny Dalton

Girard Davis

Glen Clark, Jr.

Glenn A Wilson

Glenn D Sanderson

Glenn Davis Jr

Glenn E Rice

Glenn Goldman

Glenn Jones

Glenn L Metzger

Glenn M Alston

Glenn M Price

Glenn Moeller

Glenn Sandberg

Glenn Shuck

Gloria A Galvin

Gloria Colclough

Gloria Perez

Gloria Smith

Gloria Washington

Gloria Watts

Gloria Zimmer

Glover Lee Anderson

Godfrey & Peggy Cole

Godfrey and Peggy Cole in honor of Winston Sutherland Sr.

Gordon Johnson

Gordon M Sugimura

Gordon Payne

Gordon Smith

Gordon Sugimura

Gordon Waters

Gouvaniel Crockett

Grace Pacheco

Grady Ash

Granville A Hicks

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Greg Dodds

Greg Greenquist

Greg J Greenquist

Greg Resler

Gregg B Archer

Gregory Hamilton

Gregory Jackson

Gregory Cole

Gregory Daniel

Gregory Dayne

Gregory E Jackson

Gregory Hamilton

Gregory Johnson

Gregory L Olsen

Gregory L Wade

Gregory Lincoln

Gregory Redmond

Gretchen Woods

Gurney Minggia

Gustavo Cano

Gwen Thompson

Gwendolyn Foxworth

Gwendolyn Pines

H A Teeter

H Calloway

H D Gray

H M Earles

H W Csere

H W Knapheide III

H W Stiles Jr

H. Forrest Corliss in honor of Corliss H. Forrest and in memory of Coleman A. Young

H. French Brown Jr

H.W. Knapheide

Hal & Corki Bernstein

Hal Shevers

Hal Smith

Hanford Langstroth

Hans C Anderson

Harold A Jackson Jr

Harold Brown & Marsha Bordner

Harold Carr

Harold D Sellers

Harold E. Anderson

Harold F Grooms

Harold Haynes

Harold Johnson

Harold K Hoskins

Harold Martin

Harold Moore

Harold R Dunlap

Harold U Hernandez

Harold Wheeler

Harold Williams

Harolde Savoy

Harrison Kay Miller

Harrison Madison

Harry A Curtis

Harry Abrams

Harry Belcher

Harry Devereaux

Harry E Abrams

Harry Hintlian

Harry Hopkins

Harry M Johnson Jr

Harry Mueller

Harry Vandusen

Harry W Starr III

Hattie M Campbell

Hattie McNeil

Hazel Bagwell

Hazel Livingston

Hazel Mahone

Heidi London in honor of Trever London

Helen Appel

Helen Harris

Helen M Myers

Helen Pulliam

Helen Waddell

Helmut Norpoth

Helmut Schwab

Henri P Van Helden

Henry & Donna Strok in memory of Lt Donald Harrington

Henry B Tippie

Henry Bligen

Henry Burgess

Henry C. Tyson

Henry Dickerson

Henry Ealy

Henry Fambrough

Henry Foster

Henry Gibbs

Henry J Boesch Jr

Henry L Butler

Henry L Giles

Henry L Jackson

Henry L Thompson

Henry McKinnon

Henry Miehle

Henry R Kelly Sr

Henry Roberson

Henry Romero

Henry Sanders

Herbert & Jacqueline Carson

Herbert and Linda Scott

Herbert Davison

Herbert L Berry

Herbert Mack

Herbert Smith

Herman A Trass

Herman B Nelson

Herman Harrell

Herman Moore

Herman Smith

Hessed Haim Fund Inc

Hickman E Bush

High Energy Devices

Hillard Hamm

Hilton Reynaud

Homer Carrington

Homer & Jacqueline Gary

Homer B Louya Jr

Homer E Smith Jr

Homer Smith

Hon Thomas A Placey

Hope R Harden

Horace Ford

Horace Montgomery

Horace Winn

Houston Richardson Jr

Howard A Bueschel

Howard D Larsen

Howard H Hamamoto

Howard Henderson

Howard J Donoho Jr

Howard L Johnson

Howard R Brown

Howard Scroggins

Howard V Lewis Sr

Howard W Snipes

Hubert D Glover

Hubert Donalds

Hubert Glover

Hubert Taylor

Hubert Threats

Hugh A Wilson

Hugh J McLellan

Hugh McLellan

Hugh N Jones

Hunter Woodall

Hyacinth Ross

Icom H Evans

Idalia McLean

Imani Williams

Ina A Brown-Woodson

Ingrid Steele

Iona Calhoun

Irene M Richardson

Irene Smith

Irene Williams Lewis

Iris Nelson-Schwartz

Iris Nelson-Schwartz in memory of Gerald T. Horan

Iris Norwood

Irma M Reed

Irvin K Breckenridge

Irvin Marsh

Irving A Laub

Irving Fields

Irving Laub

Irwin Selden

Irwin Smith

Isa-Kae Meksin

Isaac Edmond

Isaac Gillam IV

Isaac Gordy

Isaac T Gillam IV

Ivan Berry in honor of Lt. Thurston L. Gaines Jr

Ivan Jones

Ivy Terracina

Ivye Allen

J Alexander Adams Jr

J C Napier

J H Morgan

J R Clark

J Richard Holmes

J. Alexander Adams Jr

J. Kaigler

J. Michael Reynolds

J. R. Clark

J. Richard Holmes

J.K. Prude

Jack & Rachel Bujalski

Jack Clark

Jack Gilden

Jack L Krout

Jack Matava

Jack Schenaker

Jack Togut

Jack Whitley

Jackie Tompkins

Jacqueline Covington

Jacqueline Gray Williams

Jacqueline Y Williams

Jacquelyn Jordan

Jacquelyn Williams

James & Janice Dunmyer

James & Josephine Castano

James A Franklin Sr

James A Wilkerson

James Avery

James B Brandel

James B Pitts

James B Zazas

James Barger

James Berkowitz

James Birindelli

James Brandel

James Brooks

James C Buford Jr

James C White

James Carter

James Compton

James Cromartie

James Cross

James Custus

James D Long

James Dicarlo

James Diggs

James Diggs, MSgt

James Dodson

James Dodson in honor of Col Charles McGee

James E Budde

James E Burke Sr

James E Kerrins

James E Miller

James E Woods

James E Wyatt, Colonel

James Elzy

James Epps

James F Mc Call

James G Grier III

James G Maloney Jr

James G Walker Jr

James Gadsden

James Giles

James Gordon

James Grimes

James H Boyd

James H Taylor

James H Williams

James Harris

James Harvey

James Hickman

James Holder

James J and Janet A Engleson

James Jackson

James K Dicarlo

James K Hardy

James Kent

James Klein

James Knuppe

James L Bynum

James L Bynum, SMSgt

James L Isaacs

James L McKinley

James L Potts

James Marinos

James Marshall

James McFarland

James Murdock Jr

James N Short Jr

James Nafziger

James Nicely

James P Zehnder

James Percy

James Philon

James Pierce

James Powell, Lt Col

James Pruden

James R Bartel

James R Hall

James R Vauter

James R White

James R. Percy, Jr

James Reid

James Reynolds Jr

James Robinson

James Roger Johnson

James Rolfe

James S Hamilton

James Sandham

James Short

James Short, Jr.

James Sloan

James Smith

James Smith Jr

James Somers

James T Elgin

James T Hutchinson

James Tanksley

James Thomas Grimes Jr

James Thomas Grimes, Jr

James Turner, Jr in memory of John Jerome Staton

James W Daniels Jr

James W Hutchinson

James W Revels

James W Schoellerman

James Wallace Sr

James Waugh

James Wilder

James Wyatt

James Zink

Jan Proctor

Jan Burke

Jan C Mennig Ret Phd

Jan M Van Tol

Jan Perry

Jana Dumey

Jane & John Dyer

Jane A Sims

Jane Sims

Janet Crump

Janet Hardison in memory of Thomas Street

Janet Haynes

Janet Tennie

Janetta Trice

Janette Newhouse

Janice C Washington

Janice English

Janice Phillips

Janie B Malcolm

Janis Gaston

Janis Gaston In honor of Sylvester Gaston Jr - Korean and Vietnam War Veteran

Jason P Thomas

Jasper Gore

Jay Foxe

Jay Larsen

Jean Bowen

Jean Christophe Allaire

Jean Johnson

Jean Moore

Jeanette H Littlejohn

Jeanette K Stephens

Jeanette M Pattman

Jeanie Rucker

Jeanne Day

Jeanne Straus

Jeanne-Marie Miller

Jeff Muhlenkamp

Jeff W Wyatt

Jeffrey Cruthirds

Jeffrey Kincaid

Jennie Graham

Jennifer Berlekamp

Jennifer Callender

Jennifer Middough

Jeorme Braun

Jeraldine Maynard Lehman

Jerol D Lackey

Jerol Lackey

Jerome Brown Sr

Jerome Friedlander

Jerome Geddes

Jerome Odom

Jerry Byrd

Jerry & Paulette Gilmore

Jerry Butler

Jerry Byrd

Jerry Byrd Sr

Jerry Byrd, Sr

Jerry Byrd, Sr.

Jerry E Koskovich

Jerry G Bridges

Jerry Sanford

Jerry Smith

Jesse Browning

Jesse E Coleman Jr

Jesse L Daniels Sr

Jesse Lee

Jesse Savage

Jesse Savage, Jr.

Jesse Smith

Jethro Carr

Jewell A Wiggins

Jewell L Daniels Jr

Jim Donlin

Jim Dowdy

Jim Dunmyer

Jim Higgins

Jim McClain

Jim R Dunmyer

Jim Taylor

Jim Wetzel

Jimi Davis

Jimmie R Henson

Jimmy Abdalla

Jimmy Edwards

Jimmy Hartwell

Jimmy J Jones

Jimmy L Britt

Jimmy Rodgers

Joan A Cox

Joan E Vogl

Joan Estwick

Joan Forrest

Joan Hooks

Joan Hunt

Joan M Scheel

Joan Nickolaisen

Joan Virgin

Joann Joye

Joanne Brunner

Joanne Cannon

Joanne Lowe

Joanne Lyman

Joanne Mruczek

Joe Boyd

Joe Cobler

Joe Cordero

Joe Crookham

Joe Crookham and Jeanie Bieri

Joe Glenn

Joe Haworth

Joe Majerle

Joe P Crookham

Joe W Sudduth

Joe Williams

Joellen Conley

John Gurniak

John Polley

John A James

John A Jones

John A Martin

John and Jane Dyer

John and Mary Anderson

John and Nancy Todd

John Anderson

John B Brigham

John B Brown

John B Jones

John B Newman

John B Slade Jr

John Baker

John Bartsow

John Benson

John Berg

John Buckley

John Burkes

John C Kelly

John C Weed

John Callaghan Jr

John Caron

John Craig

John Crain

John D Davis

John D Golderer

John Darling Jr

John Davidson

John Davis

John Doty

John Drabing

John Drakulich

John E Allen

John E Nabinett

John E States

John E Williamson Jr

John Eberly

John Ellis

John F Pryor

John Flaherty

John G Howard

John G O'Hara

John G Trubisz

John Gaddy

John Gibson

John Gilbert

John Gorden

John Gurniak

John H Bentle

John H Kennedy

John H Morrow

John H Riordan

John H Stead

John Haines

John Hanavan

John Hechim

John Heyburn

John Holmes

John Housley

John Howard

John Huey

John J Capone

John J Odea

John Jackson

John James

John Jewett

John Johnson

John Jones

John K Ijem

John Katzenbach

John Kaufhold

John Kelley

John Kincaid

John Kneece

John Kratz

John Krehbiel

John L Bryan Sr

John L Tubbs

John L Welsh

John L Young

John Lobon

John M Gaddy

John M Kessinger

John McArdle

John Moll

John Morrow

John Mozingo

John N Kratz

John P Farmer

John P Hanavan

John P Jones

John P Kane

John Paolo

John Phipps

John Poerschke

John Polley

John Pratt

John R Davis, Maj

John R Ervin

John R Flemister

John R Todd

John R Van Hattem

John Rallis

John Roberts

John Robinson

John Rohr

John S Yavor

John Shea

John Sheehan

John Skenyon

John Spriggs

John Stead

John Stewart

John T Johns

John T Pratt

John Tindall

John Tindall, Col USAF Ret

John Todd

John Upchurch

John V Moore

John W Davis

John W Hetherington

John W Jones

John W Rothrock Jr

John Walden

John Walden In memory of Syvia Stewart

John Weeks

John Yavor

John Young

John Ziler

John Zugschwert in honor of James Wright

Johnnie F Majors

Johnnie Newton

Johnny Bell

Johnny Dale

Johnny Evans Jr

Johnny Springer

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, Inc

Jonathan B Howell

Jonathan McCants

Jonathan Melnick

Jonathan Melnick in memory of Elias Dorsey

Joseph Eigner

Joseph & Diana Pulvirenti

Joseph & Jacqueline Richardson

Joseph & Mary Loffredo

Joseph A Dorn

Joseph A Langley

Joseph A Wattleworth

Joseph Allen

Joseph and Diana Pulvirenti

Joseph Briggs

Joseph Cappy

Joseph Carpenter

Joseph Davis

Joseph E Armstead

Joseph Eigner

Joseph Famellette

Joseph H Chitwood

Joseph J Eigner Sr

Joseph J Simmons IV

Joseph Kramer

Joseph Lincoln Bonaparte

Joseph Manzo

Joseph Mitcho

Joseph Paternostro

Joseph Pellecchia

Joseph Pinkney

Joseph R Kramer

Joseph R Manzo

Joseph R Potoky

Joseph Reid

Joseph Richardson

Joseph Simmons IV

Joseph T Davis

Joseph W Albright

Joseph W Wilson III

Josephine Foster

Joshuah Barber

Joy Bledsoe

Joy Perla

Joyce & Clarence Zimmerman

Joyce Ann Ketlar

Joyce B Reid

Joyce Calloway

Joyce Currie Little

Joyce E Mullings

Joyce Edwards

Joyce L Smithey

Joyce McLaughlin

Joynal A Muthleb

Joysteen Toliver

Joyzell Friason

JP Campion

Juanita A Haynes

Juanita Wright

Judi E House

Judi House

Judith A Dillon

Judith K Jones

Judith Weiner

Judson Purlie

Judy A Wilson

Judy Jentzen

Judy M Judd

Judy Williams

Judy Zauha

Julia Oyewo

Julian L Kadish

Julius Cain

Julius Combs

Julius Hobson

Julius Jones

Julius M Cain

Julius V Combs

Junior Evans

Junius C Mills

Jynx Houston

K Wentzien

Karen Kehoe

Karen Spencer-Kea

Karla Munden

Karvin Sims

Kate Harris

Kate Thompson

Katherine A Washington

Katherine Royster Harris

Katherine Schaffner

Kathie Kingett

Kathleen Brosman

Kathleen Brosnan

Kathleen Cotton

Kathleen Haviar

Kathleen Irvine

Kathryn Konrad

Kathryn M Bradfield

Kathryn Williams

Kathy King

Katie Blanding

Katie Eloise Blanding

Kay Langston

Kay Ledyard

Keith D Collins

Keith F Bullen

Keith Guenther

Keith Hines

Keith Howerton

Ken Mist

Ken Stewart

Ken Wolfinger

Kendall Boyd

Kendall Mongar

Kenneth & Jeanette Mann

Kenneth Anhalt

Kenneth B Turpin

Kenneth Bennett

Kenneth Berger, Lt Col

Kenneth Binstock

Kenneth C Lane

Kenneth Chapple

Kenneth Cordier

Kenneth E Pike

Kenneth J Carr

Kenneth L Wills

Kenneth M Parks

Kenneth R Gossett

Kenneth R Spears

Kenneth Snyker

Kenneth Spencer

Kenneth W Arinwine

Kenneth W Bennett

Kenneth Wantuch

Kent & Mary Warner

Kent Davis

Kent Harris

Kent K Smith

Kermit Cain

Kerwin L Marshall

Kevin A Haag

Kevin Abreu

Kevin Dubas

Kevin L Miller

Kevin Langreck

Kevin Sands

Kevin Simmons

Kham Beard Jr

Kim Williams

Kimberly Ross

Kimberly T Joseph

Kirk E Kraft

Kirk Vistain

Kitty Dade

Kiwesa King

Kizzie Bell

Kristy Matthews

Kyle Scott Jackson

L A Muse

L David Webb

La Ordice Pryor

Lacey A Collier

Lacey Collier

Lachelle Franklin

Lance Tibbles

Lane I Mc Clelland

Langston Higbee

Larita White Jackson

Larrie Ash

Larry Askew

Larry Ball

Larry Bennett

Larry Buffaloe

Larry Collins

Larry Dais

Larry Hagan

Larry Haight

Larry Harland

Larry J Wallman

Larry Long

Larry Meagher

Larry Sims

Larry Townsend

Lartharee Jones

Laura Brooks

Laura Craig

Laura Lane

Lauren Bussey

Laurence Bradley

Laurence C Morse

Laurence W. Buffaloe, Lt (Ret) US Army

Laurentz Baker

Lavern Phillips

Lawrence Law

Lawrence A Monroe

Lawrence Amrose

Lawrence Bass

Lawrence C Glover

Lawrence Jones

Lawrence Kuipers

Lawrence Lockhart

Lawrence T Glenn

Lawrence Udell

Lawrence W Christy

Lawrence W Christy Md

Lawrence W Elliott Sr

Lawrence Weathersby

Lawrence Weathersby in memory of Captail Harold Walker

Lawrence Y Law

Lazell Hunigan

Leatha B Wallace

Lee A Schoenecker

Lee Drayton

Lee E Curry

Lee W Baty

Lee Wiersma

lela Harvey

Lemuel James

Lenda Washington

Lenord A Wilmot

Lenore Peay

Leo Baumann

Leo Hubbard

Leolita Priest

Leon Douglas

Leon Francis

Leon Green

Leon Washington

Leona Coleman

Leonard A Salvemini

Leonard G Coiner

Leonard J Vanorden

Leonard L Steiner

Leonard M Vause

Leonard S Rubinowitz

Leonard Salvemini

Leonard Thigpen

Leonard Wilson

Leonora Horwin

Leoroy Huntington

Leroy Biles

Leroy Huskey

Leroy Johnson

Leroy Lane Sr

Leroy Martin

Leroy Ross

Leroy T Vivian

Leroy Webster

Lesley Jones

Leslie Crews in memory of Donald R. Crews

Leslie Hayling

Leslie M Bialas

Leslie P Dean

Leslie Terrill Teaff

Lester L Stiner

Letitia Bradford

Lettree Battey

Levi C Adams

Levi Carter

Levi Jennings

Lewis Suber

Lewis Kurtz

Lewis Suber

Leyonna Barba

Lila Faye Williams

Lillian Feldman

Lillian Green

Linda Bradley

Linda Cotton

Linda Cotton in memory of Katherine Cotton

Linda Jackson

Linda Woodbury

Linden H Welch

Linden Welch

Lingiam Odems, Jr

Linnet J Denny

Linton P Walters

Lionel Leblanc

Lisa D Eldridge

Lisa H Woods

Lloyd R Brown

Lloyd R Finley

Lloyd Williams

Loesther Foley

Lois A Lagrenade

Lois G Allen

Lois Kroll

Lola D Sorrells

Lon Hanson

Lonnie Coulter

Lonnie Farrell

Lonnie K Fulton

Lorenzo Wallace

Loretta Connelly

Loretta Gilreath

Loretta Hall

Loretta Washington

Lori Rosenberg

Lori Rosenberg in honor of Alexander Brickler MD

Lorna Andrade

Lorna Christian

Lou Vonia Gould

Louis Bell

Louis Benjamin

Louis Collins

Louis Elisa

Louis Williams

Louise B Nelson

Lounell Britt

Loyal Henderson

Loycell Peacock

Lt Col Anthony H Long

Lt Col Colin Kowalski

Lt Col Cyril L Greig

Lt Col D Patrick Farley

Lt Col David A England

Lt Col Edward J Kelley USAF Ret

Lt Col Edward J Kelly

Lt Col Gerrit J Allen

Lt Col Paul C Stewart

Lt Col Paul C. Stewart, USAF, Ret in honor of Gen and Mrs. Benjamin Davis

Lt Col Randy P Herbert

Lt Col Vernon P Wagner

Lt Col Victor Macomber

Lt Colonel Mike H Lovitt

LTC Benjamin Wesley

Ltc Eugene Martin

Ltc James Barger

Ltc James R White

Ltc Merle R Green Jr

Ltc Richard T Davidson

Ltc Rodney P De Rego

Ltc Wesley D Baldwin

Lucianna Natkiel

Lucille Zenzele Magwood

Luckett Maynard

Lucy Rucker

Ludie J Johnson

Luetta Watson

Luis Cordero

Lurie Horton Jr

Luther L Gordon

Luther R Manus Jr

Luther Seabrook

Luwana Wiechmann-Gosch

Lydia Arnold

Lyle E Baxter

Lyman Otey

Lyn Gruen

Lyn Gruen in memory of CMSgt Herbet O. Bass, USAF, Ret

Lynn Iwamoto

Lynn Iwamoto

Lynn Range

Lynn Waters

Lynne Larkin

Lynne Larkin

M John Shmanda

Mabel E Johnson

Mack Blann

Mack Johnson Jr

Madonna Havner

Maganendra P Ray

Magdalene Wells

Maizy Myers

Maj Hickman E Bush

Maj Oliver Newton, Jr.

Maj Perry L Register

Major David P Faulkner Jr

Major Lee G Offen

Malcolm G Sessions

Malcolm Sessions

Malcom A Sessions

Manjula Shah

Marc Manderscheid

Marcel Garsaud Jr

Marcia O'Dell

Marcia Stern

Marco Vincent Washington

Margaret A Pemberton

Margaret Ackermann

Margaret C Rawlins

Margaret Cardoza

Margaret Gordon

Margaret K Storey

Margaret Madden

Margaret Mathewson

Margaret Rawlins

Marge & D. Atkinson

Maria Brennan

Maria P Smith

Maria Shields

Marianne Halle

Marie Bonazinga

Marie J James

Marie O Pitts-Mosley

Marie Wilkinson

Marilyn A Willis

Marilyn Broussard

Marilyn Izard Sumpter

Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn S Harness

Marilyn St Pierre

Marion Hines

Marjorie A Duvivier

Marjorie Ann Green

Marjorie Grafton Johnson

Mark & Trina Hartmann

Mark Daly

Mark Erickson

Mark Gay

Mark H Olson

Mark Martin

Mark Morse

Mark Roberson

Mark T Johnson

Marlene J Santako

Marlin Johnson

Marsha Browning

Marsha Moore

Martha Baker

Martha Cade

Martha Dixon

Martha Hanks

Martha McGruder Dellinger

Martha Moore

Martin A Heilman

Martin Bornheimer

Martin Donofrio

Martin J O'Dea

Martin Kilson

Martin Pinkett

Martin Rosen

Martin V Cameron

Martin Washington

Martin Welt

Marvin L Rhodes

Mary & Neil Hodges

Mary A Lawrence

Mary A Whitt

Mary Ann Carlson

Mary Ault

Mary Bunting

Mary Carrington

Mary Christina Hill

Mary Cogger

Mary Eldridge

Mary Guldan

Mary Hill

Mary Hogan

Mary Jean Yon

Mary L Crooms

Mary L James

Mary Lynn Staley

Mary Morello

Mary O'Brien

Mary Oyaas

Mary Parks

Mary S Terry

Mary Simpson Irwin

Mary Staley

Mary Troudt

Mary Washington in honor of Tuskegee Airman Samuel L. Washington

Mary Williams

Maryann Schultz

Massalene Fluker

Mathews Industrial Properties

Matthew S Sena

Maudine R Cooper

Maureen Beverlin

Maurice Davis

Maurice E Kaufman

Maurice Gibson

Max Liby

Maxine Blount Martin

Maynard L Honesty

McDowell Steele

Mel Collins

Melanie Burden

Melissa Emerson

Melodie Sykes

Melodye-Ann Sous

Melvin Denwiddie

Melvin Fox

Melvin Jones

Melvin L Gee

Melvin Myers

Melvin Sylvester

Melvin T Pinn Jr

Melvis Evans Atkinson

Mercedes Ayers

Meredith Evans

Meredythe Gray

Merlyne Starr

Merrill Hugo

Micahel Martz

Michael Connor

Michael & Linda Flaherty

Michael A Stevenson

Michael and Denise Arriaga

Michael and Denise Arriaga

Michael B Smith

Michael Bednarek

Michael Boylan

Michael Buckley

Michael Carodine

Michael Chappell

Michael Colbert

Michael D Carodine

Michael D Martz

Michael D Richardson

Michael Dailey

Michael F Rizor

Michael Fair

Michael Haynes

Michael Heaney

Michael Jackson

Michael Jez

Michael Karluk

Michael L Dudley

Michael L Stewart

Michael Martin

Michael Martz

Michael McAfee

Michael Mertes

Michael Moore

Michael Myers

Michael Patterson

Michael Rias

Michael Rizor

Michael Smith

Michael Tate

Michael Toner

Michael Varhola

Michael W Doherty

Michael W Mortgan

Michael Walker

Michael White

Michael Whittemore

Michelle Darang-Coleman

Michelle Ray

Miguel Pirela-Cruz

Mike Blower

Mike Clement

Mike Everett

Mike H Lovitt

Mike Karpen

Mike Nahrstedt

Mike Relja

Mike Simpson

Mildred Henry

Mildred Lockett

Mildred Stewart

Millard E Murphy

Milton Alston

Milton Buckley, Msgt

Milton D Quigless Jr

Milton Lane

Milton McGee

Miriam Frieden

Miriam S Sutherland

Missouri Scott

Mitchell Christian

Mollie Brown

Mollie Williams

Monica Devereux

Monica Lee

Monroe L Manning

Monte Callori

Montgomery S Hand

Morris Miller

Mr & Mrs Albert Smith

Mr & Mrs Claude Jones

Mr & Mrs Clayton M Roberts

Mr & Mrs David L Hewitt

Mr & Mrs Edward D Thomas

Mr & Mrs George Kurz

Mr & Mrs Glenn Sandberg

Mr & Mrs Howard Henderson

Mr & Mrs James Huddleston

Mr & Mrs Jason P Thomas

Mr & Mrs John Leseth

Mr & Mrs John McArdle

Mr & Mrs Marc J Manderscheid

Mr & Mrs Robert C Wolfe

Mr & Mrs Theodore R Vowels Jr

Mr & Mrs William L Gayler

Mr & Mrs William Thomas

Mr Alex McCalla

Mr Allen D Martin

Mr Andrew Travnicek

Mr Arthur D Woodall

Mr Arthur E Bauder

Mr Bernard Kelly

Mr Bill Chobotar

Mr Bobby L Watson

Mr Bonnie D Rivers Jr

Mr Brockton J Hefflin

Mr Bruce A Underwood

Mr Bruce Nagle

Mr Byron E Lewis

Mr Calvin M White

Mr Charles Cheever

Mr Charles Lewis

Mr Chuck Rikli

Mr Clinton L David

Mr Curtis Strommen

Mr Daniel C Adler

Mr Darrell Spaedy

Mr Darrell W Foell

Mr Darryl K Christen

Mr David Davis

Mr David Elm

Mr David S Collins

Mr Dennis B Dyer

Mr Dennis Bishop

Mr Dennis Flancher

Mr Dewayne L Shipley

Mr Donal K Moulton

Mr Donald H Leavenworth

Mr Donald R Benedict

Mr Douglas L Smith

Mr Earl J Bohn

Mr Ed Woods Jr

Mr Eddie Sheldrake

Mr Eddie W Turner

Mr Edward Greer

Mr Edward H Hamm

Mr Edward Shafer

Mr Elliott C Griffin

Mr Errol Kirk

Mr Frank A Titus

Mr Frank D'Orsi

Mr Fredrick Montgomery

Mr Gene D Watson

Mr Gene Kemner

Mr George Lyttle Jr

Mr George M Thelen

Mr Gerald Indorf

Mr Glenn Ellison Jr

Mr Glenn West

Mr Greg L Cain

Mr Greg Thompson

Mr Gregg B Archer

Mr Harold C Choitz

Mr Henry W Foster

Mr Herbert & Jacqueline Carson

Mr Herman B Nelson

Mr Horace P Bullock

Mr Howard E Priest Jr

Mr Huey B Pasley

Mr Jack Schenaker

Mr Jack Whitley

Mr James E See

Mr James E Woods

Mr James Gipson

Mr James Nafziger

Mr James P Miley Jr

Mr James R White

Mr James Ruddek

Mr Jerome Friedlander

Mr Jimmie L Williams Jr

Mr John Callaghan Jr

Mr John E Nabinett

Mr John F Albrecht

Mr John Good

Mr John L Bryan Sr

Mr John M Retterer

Mr John R Van Hattem

Mr John S Yavor

Mr John T Pratt

Mr John T Washington

Mr John W Jones

Mr John Weeks

Mr Jon Anderson

Mr Jon Schneewind

Mr Joseph Boutte

Mr Joseph E Armstead

Mr Joseph J Simmons IV

Mr Jule Emerson Garrison

Mr Karl Carter

Mr Keith F Bullen

Mr Kenneth Temple

Mr Kevin Sands

Mr Larry Buffaloe

Mr Larry D McCarty

Mr Lee Wiersma

Mr Leo J Wright

Mr Leonard L Boswell

Mr Leroy Bryant Sr

Mr Lewis Jamison

Mr Marcus L Sisson

Mr Matthew Bocchino

Mr Melvin F Rolph

Mr Michael B Edwards

Mr Michael C Swanson

Mr Michael Chu

Mr Michael D Carodine

Mr Michael Fitzgibbons

Mr Michael W Knoche

Mr Milton George

Mr Octave Seraile

Mr Paul J Arbuckle

Mr Peter Hutt

Mr Raymond Fudge

Mr Raymond J Wall

Mr Richard D Hinton

Mr Richard G Molokie

Mr Richard H Zegar

Mr Richard R Hall Jr

Mr Rick Myers

Mr Robert A Odon

Mr Robert C Bannister Jr

Mr Robert Newton

Mr Robert Ratcliff

Mr Robert T Vidile

Mr Robert Tucker

Mr Roderick Leighton Greengrass

Mr Roger Warren

Mr Ronald Barnes

Mr Ronald Binion

Mr Ronald W Schwartz

Mr Roy Young

Mr Rufus S Anderson

Mr Russell Brown

Mr Sergio Pedreiro

Mr Stanley W Tucker

Mr Stephen E Bennett

Mr Terence T Brennan

Mr Theodore Rob Seman

Mr Thomas A Drehs

Mr Victor B Tate

Mr Victor Smith

Mr Walter F MacDonald Jr

Mr Walter Greenfield

Mr Walter R Meekins

Mr Wayne Munsch

Mr Wilbur Burkett

Mr William A Moncrief

Mr William C Clifton

Mr William E Rice

Mr William H Goines

Mr William J Belleau

Mr William K Hoyt

Mr William Moran

Mr William R Tiefel

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Debbie Dutton

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Cox

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dodson

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Williamson

Mr. & Mrs. Marcia Hochberg TTEE

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Saunders

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Armstrong

Mr. & Mrs. Ronzo Porter

Mr. Albert A Bristo

Mr. Augustus Wills

Mr. Barry A Campbell

Mr. Dexter Day

Mr. Ernest T France

Mr. Harry Ballard

Mr. Henry Brahlit

Mr. Inman L Jones Jr

Mr. Keith Dowden

Mr. Norman Macleod

Mr. Richard K Reuling

Mr. Robert E Epps

Mr. Sidney T Jordan

Mr. Vasco Pires

Mr. Wayne A Robinson

Mr. William Russell Rustem

Mrs Alice B Dempster

Mrs Dorothy Vaughn

Mrs Edith E Kane

Mrs Evelyn Bennett

Mrs Ivory L Barnes

Mrs James H Stoner

Mrs Jeraldine Maynard Lehman

Mrs Jere McBride

Mrs Lettree L Battey

Mrs Loycell Peacock

Mrs Muriel N Hinkle

Mrs Nancy L Smerdon

Mrs Richard Fiester

Mrs Tommie Marsters

Ms Alice E Lindsey

Ms Annette Hughes

Ms Avis M Bonds

Ms Barbara Still

Ms Carol Cooke

Ms Carolyn Henson

Ms Charlotte D Harris

Ms Dorothy Cameron

Ms Dorothy M Thornhill

Ms Dorothy Person

Ms Effie Clark

Ms Grace Pacheco

Ms Helen Appel

Ms Jean Sutherland

Ms Jennifer Berlekamp

Ms Kimberly T Joseph

Ms Leslie M Bialas

Ms Margaret G Madden

Ms Martha Cade

Ms Patricia Hutchins

Ms Phoebe Morris

Ms. Jo B Ross

Ms. Shirley Martin

Msgt Anthony J Parzanese Sr

Msgt Arnie Chapman

Msgt Cleopas L Mason Jr

Msgt James Diggs

Msgt James L Gregory

Msgt Lester Fleenor Jr

Msgt Lionel Leblanc

Msgt Richard Lemmings

Msgt Theodore C Ford

Muriel N Hinkle

Muriel Rusk

Myra Cole-Weathers

Myra Spangenberg

Myron Chace

Myron F Steves Jr

Nadirah Karim

Najib Amin

Namon McWilliams

Nana K Tuffour

Nancy Clark in memory of Raymond F. Clark, MSgt, USAF (Ret)

Nancy J Ratcliff

Nancy Jones

Nancy L Smerdon

Nancy P Williams

Nancy White

Nancy Witzel

Naomi Long Madgett, Ph.D. in honor of Wilbur F. Long

Napoleon B Walker

Nate Carr

Nate Carr in memory of Colonel Nathaniel Carr, Tuskegee Airman

Nathan Taylor

Nathandale Farris

Nathaniel Eubanks

Nathaniel Holden

Nathaniel Moore

Neal G Snebold

Neal Snebold

Ned J Robinson III

Nelson Ham Jr

Nettie Dixon

Network for Good

Nicholas Fahey

Nicholas Schwailik

Nick Higgins

Nicola Gigliotti

Nina Tomaszewski

Noel F Selewski

Noel Holley

Nora Anderson

Norita Parker

Norma Harris

Norma Hill

Norma Rose

Norman A McDaniel

Norman J Ginstling

Norman L Corbett

Norman Moyer

Norman Thomas

Norman Walker

Norman Willis

Nyron Devenish

Ocie McNair in memory of Ogis McNair

Octave Seraile

Odessa Walker

Ola Belle Burley

Olga Dottin

Olice Arnold

Olive Glaser in memory of James Pryde, Sr.

Oliver A Newton Jr

Oliver Brown Jr.

Oliver Kennedy

Oliver Newton, Jr

Ollie Jones

Ollie L Sherman Jr

Ollie Sherman

Olof Karlstrom and Olivia Maynard

Oren Jeffries

Osborn Howes

Oscar Decker

oseph J Simmons IV

Ossie Burris, Sr.

Otis Lang

Otis Weldon

Otis Wood

Owen C Powell Jr

Owen T Brewer

Ozell Cooper

P. Cavadini

Paige Elizabeth Morris

Pamela Redd

Pamela Threets

Pat Derrick

Pat Hinchberger

Patricia & Arthur Grisham

Patricia A Howard

Patricia A Norton-Carter

Patricia Arrington-Daniels

Patricia Bowers

Patricia Brennen

Patricia Clendening

Patricia D Usphs

Patricia E Kirkpatrick-Howat

Patricia G Scott

Patricia Howard

Patricia Hutchins

Patricia J Logsdon

Patricia Kennedy

Patricia L Roberts

Patricia Negro

Patricia P Thompson

Patricia Patton

Patricia Spradley

Patricia Trotter

Patricia Usphs, Capt

Patrick & Jenifer Holeva

Patrick J Duffy

Patterson Riley

Paul & Bonnie Weiss

Paul B Gaillard

Paul Beggs

Paul D Shabay

Paul E Andrews

Paul E Reinertsen

Paul Guercio

Paul I Jeffery

Paul J Arbuckle

Paul Jaques

Paul Jeffery

Paul Keller

Paul Kuntz

Paul Martin

Paul Nottingham

Paul Schacht

Paul T Nottingham

Paul Thurston

Paul Tortolini

Paul W Haase

Paul W Hanreeder

Paul W Keller

Paul W Schumacher

Paula H Lee

Paula K Simmons

Paula Welch

Pauline Holness

Pearl J Compaan

Peggy Pride

Penelope Scott

Percy Davis

Perry Cheathem

Perry Minton

Peter A Lewis

Peter De Forest

Peter De Forest in memory of Connie Jo

Peter E Krasinski

Peter E Neves

Peter Forker

Peter G Sarles

Peter H Wollenberg

Peter Holzer

Peter Jefferson

Peter Lewis

Peter M Nagle

Peter Magrath

Peter O Hanson

Peter P Puhalla

Peter Smock

Peter Weber

Philip A Castleberry

Philip F Johnson

Philip J O'Neill

Philip McAtee

Philip McIntyre

Philip Perez

Philip R Landon

Philip Ruedig

Philip Watts

Philip Williams

Phillip Lewis

Phillip M Friedmann

Phillip M Wade

Phillip Miiller

Phillip Miller

Phillip Morreim

Phillip Platt

Phillips and CO Securities INC

Philo Short

Phoebe Morris

Phyllis A Townsend

Phyllis Brooks

Phyllis Davis

Phyllis Jacobson

Phyllis Kornegay

Phyllis Rearden

Portia Paterson

Posey E Miller

Pratt Family Giving Fund

Prentiss Brown

Prof Judy M Judd

Q. Esther Codjoe

Queen Slyke in memory of Tuskegee Airman Hiram Little

Quentin J Smith Jr

Quentin J Smith Jr., Col

Quentin Pair

Quentin Veil

R D Houser

R L Pace

R W Russell

R Washington

R. Carolyn Witherspoon

R. Scott Tulley

Rachel Osborn

Raiford Cockfield

Raleigh Worsham

Ralph B Mills III

Ralph E Lomax

Ralph Hallett Jr

Ralph Hallett, Jr

Ralph K Hallett Jr

Ralph Wolstenholme

Randall Robbins

Randolph R Estwick

Randy P Herbert

Randy P Herbert,Lt Col

Ransom Meriam

Ray Fitch

Ray Hamilton

Ray Hess

Ray Pool

Ray Reid

Raymond Daniels

Raymond A Jeter

Raymond A Lepesqueur

Raymond Alvaro

Raymond Clark

Raymond Daniels

Raymond F Clark

Raymond F Cooper

Raymond Fudge

Raymond Green

Raymond R Daniels

Raymond Shields

Raymond Wisniewski

RC Wharton

Rebecca Hollis

Rebecca J Darrow

Rebecca Kramer in memory of Col Francis J. Kramer, USAF

Reggie Varra

Regina Rountree

Regina S Rountree

Reginald L Amory

Reginald L Williams

Reginald Roberts

Reginald Young

Rev Dr Lawrence T Glenn

Rev Frank G Gibson Jr

Rex Monahan

Rhia Mangum Miller

Rich Blandin

Richard & Barbara Hinton

Richard A Leibner

Richard A Sly

Richard A Taylor

Richard A. Hase

Richard Atkinson

Richard B Holmes

Richard B Warner

Richard Bourne

Richard Brown

Richard C Cummings

Richard C Henton

Richard C Melcher

Richard C. Saunders

Richard D Garland

Richard D Ridley

Richard D Stones

Richard E Artison

Richard E Baugh

Richard E Czerwonka

Richard E Friberg, Capt

Richard E Kessler

Richard E Lapchick

Richard E Norris

Richard F Demmler

Richard F Graham

Richard F Mc Laughlin

Richard Gillogly

Richard Hase

Richard Himmelberger

Richard J Stacey

Richard Jefferson

Richard K Dozier

Richard K Dyer

Richard K Lewis

Richard Kelly

Richard Kennedy

Richard Klaber

Richard Klamer

Richard Knight

Richard Konig

Richard L Carlson

Richard L Rehg

Richard L Samsel

Richard L Sandwick

Richard L Schroder

Richard L Smart

Richard Mayberry

Richard Mc Laughlin, Capt, USN Ret

Richard Nagashima

Richard P Ferguson

Richard P Tripp

Richard Pasnak and Ann Lapchick

Richard Peace

Richard R Hall Jr

Richard Robinson

Richard Rosenberg

Richard Samsel

Richard Saunders

Richard Scott

Richard Spencer

Richard Taylor

Richard Tomasello

Richard W Finck

Rick Ellis

Rick Gill

Rick Hinson

Ricky Gettleman

Ricky McGlothin

Rita Banks

Robert Bannister

Robert Bidwell

Robert Langford

Robert & Gwynne Edmund

Robert & Jo Harper

Robert A Benz

Robert A Carpenter

Robert A Goldenberg

Robert Anderson

Robert AOdon

Robert Ayers

Robert Babbs

Robert Baldwin

Robert Bannister

Robert Bannister, Jr

Robert Benzin

Robert Bickley

Robert Bidwell

Robert Blackmon

Robert Bradshaw

Robert Brown, Cwo

Robert Burnett

Robert C Bannister Jr

Robert C Lorenzetti

Robert C Savage

Robert Caldwell

Robert Carter

Robert Clayton

Robert Curry in honor of Tuskegee Airman Robert Martin

Robert D Clinger

Robert Dufur

Robert E Gillette

Robert E O'Rourke

Robert E Ronus

Robert Eatinger

Robert England

Robert Epting

Robert Ethridge

Robert F Denham

Robert Fesler

Robert Fischer

Robert Fuller

Robert G Pasquill Jr

Robert G Pellegrini

Robert Garrott

Robert Granucci

Robert H Griffin

Robert H Jones

Robert Hairston

Robert Hand

Robert Hayward

Robert Hodge

Robert J Stewart Jr

Robert J Wrenn

Robert Kennedy

Robert Kruchten

Robert L Allison

Robert L Franson

Robert L Parker

Robert L Smoldt

Robert L Wantland

Robert Langford

Robert Lewis Jackson

Robert M Johnson

Robert M Lundquist

Robert M Taylor

Robert M Wachlin

Robert McCreary

Robert McIver

Robert Mize

Robert N Thomas

Robert Newton

Robert Newton in honor of Col Charles McGee

Robert Ports Jr. in honor of Capt. Robert A Ports, check pilot 1944-1945

Robert R Norvel

Robert Ratcliff

Robert Rhodes

Robert Russell

Robert S Maternowski

Robert Savage

Robert Schmidt

Robert Scott

Robert Simpson

Robert Smith

Robert Snediker

Robert Sneidker

Robert Spencer

Robert Starks

Robert Stenhouse

Robert Stites

Robert T Vidile

Robert Thomas

Robert Torian

Robert Tutland

Robert Tyler

Robert Veiga

Robert W Crawford

Robert W Garthwait

Robert W Smith

Robert Wantland

Robert Warner

Robert Welter

Robert Wiley Jr

Robert Williams

Robert Wolcott

Roberta Hall Dark

Roberta Leek

Roberta Repta

Robery Hodge in memory of Mishel Hodge

Roderick Seamster

Rodney Coulon

Rodney J Johnson

Rodney L Alexander

Rodney Morgan

Rodney P De Rego

Roger Twitchell

Roger E Neal

Roger E Smith

Roger H Cook

Roger Johnston

Roger Mills

Roger P Williams Sr

Roger Poyner

Roger Schlage

Roger Twitchell

Roger W Brown

Roger W. McLain

Roger Warren

Rogers Wilson

Rohlann Callender

Roland Haedge

Roland Hasselbacher

Roland Herriges

Rolf Goeth

Rolfe Gudelsky

Ron Bolin

Ron Johnson

Ron Rubek

Ronald Banks

Ronald Binion

Ronald Binion, Sr.

Ronald C Farrar Sr

Ronald C Medrud

Ronald Cantin

Ronald Carter

Ronald Days

Ronald Hatten

Ronald Knight

Ronald Leone

Ronald Medrud

Ronald Missouri

Ronald Moore

Ronald Morgan

Ronald Obermeyer

Ronald Peterson

Ronald R Smith

Ronald Richardson

Ronald Sargent

Ronald Schwartz

Ronald Smith

Ronald Stewart

Ronald T Price

Ronald W Schwartz

Ronald Watt

Ronald Williams in memory of Wesley Clayborn

Ronald Wilson

Ronald Witcofski

Ronald Y Amemiya

Ronita Smith

Ronnie Stanley

Ronza Nash

Ronza R. Nash, PhD

Roosevelt Cummings

Roosevelt Kitchens

Roosevelt Love

Roosevelt Tucker

Rosa Scott

Rosalyn Rosenthal

Rosalyn Williams

Roscoe Blue

Rose McElrath-Slade

Rose Wilder

Rose Williams Boyd

Rosenwald Delano Altheimer

Ross Koningstein

Ross Randolph

Ross Staffhorst

Rowena Greco

Rowland B Foster

Roxanne Davis

Roxanne Johnson

Roy Donaldson

Rubbie Manson Brooks

Ruben Camarillo

Rubie B King

Ruby L Dowd-Hart

Rudelle O'Neal

Rudolph Young

Rudolph Young

Rudy N Smith

Rufus and Berlena Anderson

Rufus Anderson

Rufus B Warner

Rufus Rosser

Rufus S Anderson

Rupert & Sammi Garcia

Rush Moore Jr

Russ Costa

Russel Backer

Russel G Backer

Russell Brown

Russell Hipplewitz, Sfc

Russell L Gregory Jr

Russell Rhodeman

Russell Rhodes

Russell Vincent Palumbo

Russi Taylor

Ruth Ann Knapp

Ruth Ann Moriarty

Ruth Cohen

Ruth L Brooks

Ruth Moore

Ruth Moriarty

Ruth R Letvinchik

Ruth S Disher

S Dennison

S James Islam

S Zilliacus

S. Vance Wilkins, Jr

Sabrina Thorpe

Sally Ann Washburn

Sally Ann Washburn_

Sally J Rajamaki

Sam L Pearson

Sam Pearson

Sammie Mitchell

Samuel & Denise Craig

Samuel C Johnson

Samuel C Owusu

Samuel Cosby

Samuel Craig

Samuel Foster

Samuel Frazier

Samuel Horton

Samuel McGill

Samuel Peterson

Samuel Phillips

Samuel Prince

Sandra Banta

Sandra Edwards

Sandra F Reeves

Sandra Masur

Sandra Oliver

Sandra Perkins

Sandra Robinson In memory of Romeo Randolph Robinson, Tuskeegee Airman

Sandra S Foley-Smith, Lt Col

Sandra Smith

Sandra Stone

Sandra Watkins

Sarah Holley

Sarah L. Coggins

Sargeant Major Curtis L Brown Ret

Saul Atkins

Scott & Anne Pulsifer

Scott A Schwindaman

Scott Adkisson

Scott and Candace Wheeler

Scott C Woods

Scott Randall

Scott Smedira

Scott Stacey

Searle F Highleyman

Searle Highleyman

Sebastien Taveau

Sebron Deloach

Sedonia McMorris

Serge Antonin

Sergio Pedreiro

Seymour Gross

Seymour Israel

Seymour Robin

Sfc Shelia G Barton

Sgt John E Paolo

Sharon Campbell

Sharon D Hardy

Sharon L Frazier

Sharon L Thomas

Sharon May

Sharon Simpson

ShaWanda Brown

Shawn and Renee Welch

Sheila Johnson

Sheldon Kadish

Shelley Stewart

Shelton Rucker

Sheree Hammond

Shirley Maldonado

Shirley A Boglin

Shirley B Zachery

Shirley Barad

Shirley Fowler

Shirley Harris

Shirley Klein

Shirley Lawson

Shirley M Venerable

Shirley McGinnis

Shirley R Berry

Shirley Taylor

Shirley Tisdale

Shirley Todd

Shirley Wade

Shirley Watts

Shirley Williams In memory of Mr. Gregory M. Williams (Veteran)

Shirley Yost

Shirverne Griffin

Sidney Hurd

Sidney Ostrovsky

Sidney R Thomas Jr

Sidney Scott

Sidney T Jordan

Silvia Martin

Skip Fisher

Smsgt James L Bynum

Solomon Holland

Solomon J Weaver

Sonja A Brown

Southern S Hall

Stan Hemphill

Stanley D Ross

Stanley Hawkins

Stanley Hooper

Stanley McWilliams

Stanley Srochi

Stefanie Sheehan

Stefano Sacco

Stephan G Johnson

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Gilbert

Stephen Brewer

Stephen Sumandra

Stephen A Pepin

Stephen Andrews

Stephen Bird

Stephen Brooks

Stephen C Smith

Stephen Cary

Stephen E De Maeyer

Stephen G Floyd

Stephen G Wright

Stephen Holmes

Stephen Maenhout

Stephen Marsh

Stephen Oubre

Stephen Sumandra

Stephen Wolf

Steve & Mary Jane Lindholm

Steve Arthur

Steve Cook

Steve Dillman

Steve Hibshman

Steve Lindholm

Steve Sperry

Steve Wilkins

Steven A Hillyard

Steven Becker

Steven D Bennett

Steven Dixon

Steven Hibshman

Steven L Pennington

Steven Moore

Steven Preston

Steven R Bridges

Steven R Hooley

Steven Scott

Stewart B Beyer

Stewart Greer

Strick Woods

Stuart & Linda Robinson

Stuart P Sherman

Sue L Andrews

Sulaiman Aqeel in memory of Rev. William Bonna and Mrs. Myrtle Grady Bonna

Summit Technology Group

Summit Technology Group, LLC

Susan Hershberger

Susan Moore

Suzanne Wasilczuk

Sybil Saul

Syble Bradshaw

Sydney Cohen

Sylvia Dowst

Sylvia H Tureaud

Sylvia Osborne

Sylvia Tureaud

Sylvia Tureaud in honor of Abe Phin and in memory of Haydel White

T E Clifford

T Gilbert

T M Northrop

T V Cummings

T.P. Delafleur

Tallahassee Chapter of the Links

Talmer E Curry Jr

Tandreia Bellamy

Ted Freemire

Ted Leimbach

Ted P Dalzell

Ted Thomas

Teirney Williams

Telagen LLC

Telagen, LLC

Terence T Brennan

Teresa P Chegwidden

Terrance Mitchell

Terrell Holmes

Terrence C Breidenbach

Terrence J Ihnat

Terrence Martin

Terry Alexander

Terry Leack

Terry M Galvin

Terry Newton

Terry O'Connell

Terry Reece In memory of my late great brothers and brother-in-law; James V. Reece and Eddie R. Reece and Melvin "tappin" Porter (all deceased family Vets)

Thaddeus J Puzio

Thadius Baham

The Men Who Dare, Inc

The Oriska Foundation

The Pharmacy, Inc.

The Stan Crader Family Charitable Gift

The Weininger Foundation

Thelma English

Thelma Ballard

Thelma L Williams

Thelma Nelson

Theodore C Ford

Theodore Johnson

Theodore Lumpkin

Theresa Metz In memory of Paul Morgan, CPT, USA

Theresa Parks

Thomas Alexander

Thomas A Carter

Thomas A Derosa

Thomas A Drehs

Thomas A Widiger

Thomas Betts

Thomas Bowers

Thomas Burrell

Thomas Cornforth

Thomas Drehs

Thomas Dyson

Thomas E Nelson

Thomas F Beveridge

Thomas F Green

Thomas F Lloyd

Thomas Fenaughty

Thomas Finner

Thomas H Allaway

Thomas H Edelen Sr

Thomas Herman

Thomas Hoehn

Thomas J Fenaughty

Thomas J Finner

Thomas J Newland

Thomas J Saeger

Thomas J Stewart

Thomas Klein

Thomas Lamarr

Thomas Leveck

Thomas Locke

Thomas Mazelin

Thomas Motley

Thomas Muench

Thomas P Waddock

Thomas P Zamberlan

Thomas Park

Thomas R Green

Thomas Sheffield

Thomas T Howard

Thomas Troxel

Thomas Walker

Thomasina Dais

Thurston Carlock

Tim & Angelle Ruppert

Tim Raupp

Timothy C Sullivan

Timothy D Flagg

Timothy Meddaugh

Timothy Moderson

Timothy O Patrick

Timothy Raupp

Timothy Ruppert

Titus A Saunders Jr

Tom Abernathy Sr

Tom Cross

Tom Jaime

Tom L Cabe

Tom Lewis

Tom Rasmussen

Tom Ryan

Tom Swigart

Tom Watson

Tommie Marsters

Tommie Walton

Tommy Cole

Tommy Hughley

Tommy Lee Grant

Tommy R Jordan

Tommy Sheats

Tonda Williams

Tony Boyd

Tony Brooks

Tony Brown

Tony S Dorko

Troy Hulbert

Truman Smith

Truman Spangrud, Lt Gen

Tull Thornton

Tyson Carr

Ukay Ogbonnaya Ajike

Ulysses A Bullock

Ulysses Howard Sr

Vail Leach

Valaida Randolph

Valencia F Douglas

Valerie Green

Valerie Lee

Valerie Schweppe

Vance Bradford

Vanessa Hopkins

Veda Ward

Velvet C Bass

Venice Brown

Ventris Ingram

Ventris M Ingram

Vera B McIntosh

Vera Franklin

Verdell Boncoeur

Vergie Silas

Verina L McZinc

Verina McZinc

Verley G Sangster

Vern Hodge

Verna L Holoman

Vernard McBeth

Verne Hodge

Vernell Crosby Teich

Vernell Davis

Vernell Davis, Jr.

Vernon B Coles

Vernon B Glenn

Vernon Brown in honor of Vernon H. Brown

Vernon Glenn

VFW 7464

Vicki Eastland

Vicki L Duncan

Vickie Turner

Victor Brathwaite

Victor Conti

Victor G Onufrey

Victor G Vogel

Victor Macomber, Lt Col

Victoria Black

Victoria Smith

Vida Prince

Vila Larrimore

Vincent Bonus

Vincent Dugan

Vincent Viglione

Violetta Leonard

Virginia Daniel

Virginia Harris

Virginia Newell

Vivian Ritter

Vivian V Burns

Vivica Sherman

Vivien Gardner

Vlasta N Barber

Vuyisile S Nkomo

W Beall Fowler

W D Turner

W Ross Boone

W. Jim Jimeson, Capt, Ret

Wade L Amiel

Walter Odom

Walter Boone

Walter Ceglowski

Walter Cooper

Walter D Maeyama

Walter E Rivers Jr

Walter F MacDonald Jr

Walter Greenfield

Walter Hope

Walter Hopewell III

Walter L Darden Jr

Walter Pohrte

Walter Scott

Wanda Paul

Wanda Washington

Wardean D Squire

Wardean Squire

Warner Session

Warner Talso in honor of Harold Brown

Warren H Victor

Warren J Haney Jr

Warren Miller

Warrick L Barrett

Wayne A Robinson

Wayne Collins

Wendell J Ferguson

Wendell R White

Wendell White

Wendy Cobb

Wes & Liz Stowers

Wesley Ezell

Wesley Mead

Wesley Toles

Wilbert Hubin

Wilbur H Bryson

Wilfred L Raine

Will Cooper

Will Foston

Willard Walton

William & Rose Lewis

William A Bein

William and Phyllis Davis

William B Greenough

William B Neil Jr

William B Townsell

William Beasley

William Braunlich

William Brown III

William C Covington Jr

William C Stewart

William C Stringer

William C Wanza

William Chamberlin

William Chong

William D Chandler

William D Powell

William Darish

William Douglas

William Dunn

William E Herbert

William E Keller

William E Rice

William E Romaine

William E Shackelford

William F Johnson Jr

William Fisher

William G Pates

William Goines

William Goodwin

William Gross

William Grosse

William H Chong

William H Clarkson

William H Goines

William H Lingle IV

William H Rivers Jr

William Hegamin

William Hickman

William J Allen Jr

William J Ingram

William J Miller

William J Watts

William Jennings

William Johnson

William K Adams

William K Jenkins Sr

William K Konze

William L Cope, Col USAF Ret

William L Cutchin

William L Gayler

William L Ritchie Jr

William L Stebbins

William L White Jr

William Long

William Lowry

William M Alden

William Mebane

William Miller

William Moran

William N Burnette

William Overton

William Pegues

William Pinkney

William Pollard

William Probst

William R Collins

William R Westbrook

William Ray Sutton

William Rice

William Rountree

William Sacherek

William Shefrin

William Stroupe

William Synyard

William T Haston

William T Primus

William Townsell

William U Funk

William Vanden Heuvel

William W Bielefeldt

William Waddell

William Welser III

William Westbrook

William Winckler

William Winkler

William Young

Willie and Mary Collins

Willie Brown

Willie C Shuler Sr

Willie D Burt

Willie G Scott

Willie J Banks

Willie J Stokes

Willie J Woodford

Willie Johnson

Willie Marshall Myles

Willie Maynard

Willie McCladdie

Willie McCladdie III

Willie R Brooks Jr

Willie Scott

Willis Fields

Wilma Holmes

Wilson H Rider

Wilton Kimble

Winfield W Scott Jr

Winston Barrant

Winston Maddox

Winston Sealey

Winton Mc Kibben

Wonda Powell

Woodrow Lawson

Yale D Coggan

Yasmine Candis

Yvette Arsenec-Weir

Yvette La Vigne

Yvonne Casonhua

Yvonne Condell

Yvonne M Fraser

Yvonne McGee

Yvonne Roebuck

Zato Isaac

Zelema Harris

Zenobia Flood

Zenobia Ford

Zora Shuck