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CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log


CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log

Thank you to the Honorary Flight Log supporters!

The following supporters have stepped up to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Because their mark on history should never be forgotten, this Honorary Flight Log represents the commitments made to ensure the inspirational message of the Tuskegee Airmen will continue to be shared with people of all ages.

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2019 Honorary Flight Log supporters

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There are 112 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Mabel M Williams

Mack Blann

MAda J Crooks

Magne Nerheim

Maj Gen Larry S Taylor

Malcolm E Belfrom

Malcom A Sessions

Marc Manderscheid

Marcel Garsaud Jr

Margaret Carter

Margaret G Madden

Margaret Gordon

Margaret Wilson

Margo Vickers

Marguerite M Lamothe

Maria P Smith

Marian C Blackshear

Marie Miller

Marie O Pitts-Mosley

Marilyn Hoegemeyer

Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn St Pierre

Marjorie Grafton Johnson

Mark B Lindsay

Marsha L Williams

Martha Barton-Leonar

Martha Dixon

Marvin Osborne

Mary Ann Carlson

Mary Ashmead

Mary Bartlett

Mary Hewlett

Mary J Goss

Mary L Crooms

Mary Lynn Staley

Mary Morello

Mary Morie

Mary Simpson Irwin

Mary Troudt

Matthew Capps

Maurice Davis

Maurice E Kaufman

Mazie S Epps

MBooker T Brown

Melissa Emerson

Melodie Sykes

Melody Vance

Melvin E Paxton

Melvin Myers

Melvin Pettijohn

Melvin Sylvester

Melvin T Pinn Jr

Merle F Taylor

Merrill Hugo

Michael Allen

Michael and Cathleen Alfano

Michael B Smith

Michael Chappell

Michael F Rizor

Michael Heaney

Michael J Shields

Michael Jackson

Michael L Stewart

Michael Mertes

Michael Moore

Michael Patterson

Michael Sweet

Michael Traynor

Michael Whittemore

Micheal C Pounds

Michelle Darang-Coleman

Michelle Martin

Millard Murphy

Minnie T Fennicks

Mohamed Jah

Monroe Wynn Jr

Morris Family Foundation

Moses L Walker

Mr & Mrs Albert Smith

Mr & Mrs Dennis Wright

Mr & Mrs Douglas B Smith

Mr & Mrs E Gordon Pahre

Mr & Mrs Earle L Bradford

Mr & Mrs George Kurz

Mr & Mrs Glenn Sandberg

Mr & Mrs James E Budde

Mr & Mrs James Huddleston

Mr & Mrs James L Griggs

Mr & Mrs L H Jones Sr

Mr & Mrs Mike Martin

Mr & Mrs Pete Sheridan

Mr & Mrs William Brown III

Mr & Mrs William F Horton

Mr & Mrs Wm Hickman

Mr Joseph W Wilson III

Mr Vincent L Blegen

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Brickler

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Cox

Mr. & Mrs. George Kurtz

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Williamson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Armstrong

Mr. & Mrs. Ronzo Porter

MrWillie J Matthews

Ms Irene Edge

Ms Loretta Roper

Ms Marian C Blackshear

Msgt Cleopas L Mason Jr

Msgt James Diggs

Msgt James L Gregory

Msgt Theodore C Ford

MVincent Dugan