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CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log


CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log

Thank you to the Honorary Flight Log supporters!

The following supporters have stepped up to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Because their mark on history should never be forgotten, this Honorary Flight Log represents the commitments made to ensure the inspirational message of the Tuskegee Airmen will continue to be shared with people of all ages.

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2019 Honorary Flight Log supporters

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There are 371 names in this directory beginning with the letter J.
J Alexander Adams Jr

J C Napier

J D Gray

J H Morgan

J M James

J R Clark

J Richard Holmes

J Schwengels

J. D. Fenwick

J. Douglas Vansant

J. Richard Holmes

J. Schwengels

Jack & Rachel Bujalski

Jack Clark

Jack Feinberg

Jack L Krout

Jack Schenaker

Jack Whitley

Jackie Tompkins

Jacque Wallace

Jacqueline Buford-Gage

Jacqueline Covington

Jacqueline Fife

Jacqueline Gray Williams

Jacqueline Tolliver

Jacquelyn Jordan

Jamelle King

James & Josephine Castano

James & Mary Kleinwort

James A Franklin Sr

James A Wilkerson

James and Celeste Blase Tuvin

James and Jacquelyn Johnson

James B Brandel

James B House

James B Randels

James B Zazas

James Brabeck

James Braxton

James Brown

James Burch

James Custus

James D Hall

James D Long

James Diggs

James Dilling

James E Budde

James E Cates

James E Daley

James E Kerrins

James E Miller

James E See

James E Teel

James E Woods

James F Mc Call

James G Pappas

James G Walker Jr

James Gordon

James Green Jr

James H Taylor

James Hailey

James Harris

James Harvey

James Howard

James Ishida

James J and Janet A Engleson

James Johnson

James K Dicarlo

James King

James L Bynum

James L Potts

James Linford

James M Howell

James Marinos

James Marshall

James Morris

James Moyer

James Murdock

James Nafziger

James P Miley

James Peel

James R Bartel

James R Jackson

James R Johnson

James R White

James R. Percy, Jr.

James Robnolt

James S Hamilton

James Sandham

James Short

James Smith

James T Hutchinson

James Thomas Grimes Jr

James Tomes

James V Halloran III

James W Bowdre

James W Daniels Jr

James W Hobbs

James W Jones

James W Schoellerman

James W Stanton

James Waugh

James Wilder

James Williams

James Winter

James Wm Willis

James Wyatt

James Zeigler

Jan Perry

Jane & John Dyer

Jane A Sims

Jane Shedoudy

Janet Crump

Janet Marble

Janet Tennie

Janette Newhouse

Janice Kimbrough

Janice Phillips

Janice Tucker

Janis M Shaw

Janis Robinson

Jason Young

Jay Foxe

Jean B Sanders

Jean Christophe Allaire

Jean Kixmiller

Jean M Lowrie

Jeane Knapp

Jeanette K Stephens

Jeanette M Pattman

Jeanne Davis

Jeanne Day

Jeanne M Roper

Jeannie Adair

Jeffrey E Ramsey

Jeffrey Kincaid

Jeffrey Rogart

Jeffrey Suhanic

Jennifer Callender

Jennifer L Bensinger

Jennifer Pirrie

Jere McBride

Jerol D Lackey

Jerol D. Lackey

Jerome Simmons

Jerry & Paulette Gilmore

Jerry Butler

Jerry Byrd Sr

Jerry D Morgan

Jerry E Lawson Sr

Jerry L Brown

Jerry Sanford

Jerry Smith

Jerry W Taylor

Jesse & Elise Judelle

Jesse and Catherine Suber

Jesse James

Jesse L Daniels Sr

Jesse Lee

Jesse Yarborough

Jethro Carr

Jewell A Crowell

Jim & Helen Zimmerman

Jim Dowdy

Jim Dunmyer

Jim Posey

Jim R Dunmyer

Jim Taylor

Jimi Davis

Jimmie R Henson

Jimmy C Edwards

Jimmy Edwards

Jimmy Hartwell

Jimmy L Ware

Jo Ann Harper

Joan Forrest

Joan Freeman Kessler

Joan Hooks

Joan M Scheel

Joan McKoy

Joan Nickolaisen

Joann Walker

Joanne Lowe

Joanne Lyman

Joanne Nissen

Joanne Ricks

Joe B Cobler

Joe Boyd

Joe Gibbons

Joe L Johnson

Joe P Crookham

Joe Smith

Joe W Sudduth

Joel Brueland

Joel L Tillman

John & Fredda Swanson

John A Aldridge

John A Innes

John A Jones

John A Stanley

John Aaron

John Antes

John Anthony

John Armstead

John B Brigham

John B Newman

John B Shea

John B Thorne

John Baker

John Bowen

John Buckley

John Burkes

John C Asher

John C Kelly

John C Lovett

John C Weed

John Clark

John D Golderer

John David Eads

John Davidson

John Davis

John Dickerson

John Doty

John Drakulich

John E Linton

John E Paolo

John E States

John E Williamson Jr

John Ellis

John F O'Brien

John Flanigam

John G O'Hara

John G Trubisz

John Gilbert

John Gillis

John Good

John Gusmer

John H Gusmer

John H Morrow

John H Riordan

John Hawthorne

John Hayes

John Hert

John Holmes

John Hostetter, Jr.

John Houlehan

John Huey

John Huff

John J Capone

John J Hostetter Jr

John Jackson

John James

John Jewett

John Jones

John K Ijem

John Kultgen

John L Bryan Sr

John L Hedrick

John L Tubbs

John L Young

John Ladley

John Landis

John Larosa

John Lobon

John M Kessinger

John M Payne

John Marbach

John Mazza

John Moll

John Morrow

John Mounts

John Nussbaumer

John O Davis

John O'Farrell

John P Hanavan

John P Jones

John P Kane

John P Monagle

John Phipps

John Polley

John Pratt

John R Brunac

John R Davis

John R Van Hattem

John Rallis

John Rohr

John S Yavor

John Sardone

John Shaver

John Simmons

John Skenyon

John T Pratt

John T Walsh

John Thomas Russell

John Tindall

John Turner

John V Moore

John Vanderstar

John W Davis

John W Dunnivant Jr

John W Hull

John W Jones

John W Lee Jr

John W Shaw

John Williams

John Worsley

John Young

John Zugschwert

Johnnie F Majors

Johnny Dale

Jon Farley

Jon Schneewind

Jonathan B Howell

Jonathan Dunmore

Jonathan Green

Jonathan H Boutelle

Jonathan W Field

Joseph & Jacqueline Richardson

Joseph A Wattleworth

Joseph and Diana Pulvirenti

Joseph Briggs

Joseph Bundy & Vikki McKinnie

Joseph E Malone

Joseph Edwards

Joseph Feskanin

Joseph Gabriel

Joseph Gleason

Joseph H Chitwood

Joseph J Eigner

Joseph J Eigner Sr

Joseph M Hatcher

Joseph M Jackson

Joseph Mathis

Joseph Mitcho

Joseph R Kramer

Joseph R Manzo

Joseph Reid

Joseph Richardson

Joseph S CEO

Joseph Taitague

Joseph Vanable In honor of Myra Mason, daughter of a Tuskegee Airman

Joseph W Albright

Joseph W Wilson III

Josephine Templeton

Josh Scott

Joshua Houseknecht

Joyce A Edwards

Joyce Currie Little

Joyce H Clark

Joyce H Lowinson

Joyce L Smithey

Joyce S Calloway

Joyce Trotman

Joynal A Muthleb

Juanita Devaux

Juanita Watts

Judi E House

Judith A Dillon

Judith Weiner

Judson Purlie

Judy Jentzen

Judy M Judd

Judy Williams

Judy Zauha

Jule Emerson Garrison

Julia Carroll

Julian L Kadish

Julius Grant

Julius Hobson

Julius Jones

Junior Evans