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CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log


CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log

Thank you to the Honorary Flight Log supporters!

The following supporters have stepped up to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Because their mark on history should never be forgotten, this Honorary Flight Log represents the commitments made to ensure the inspirational message of the Tuskegee Airmen will continue to be shared with people of all ages.

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2019 Honorary Flight Log supporters

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There are 109 names in this directory beginning with the letter H.
H F Perk

H W Stiles Jr

H Waters

Hal Shevers

Halton West

Hamlet E Hood

Hans C Anderson

Hans Luedi

Harold Albritton

Harold Augustus

Harold C Choitz

Harold Cook

Harold Cottman

Harold D Sellers

Harold H Wilson

Harold Krie

Harold Martin

Harold Moore

Harold U Hernandez

Harold Westin

Harold Wheeler

Harry & Deborah Bernheim

Harry A Curtis

Harry Coppens

Harry Hintlian

Harry Hopkins

Harry K Benton

Harry L Boston

Harry M Johnson Jr

Harry Mueller

Harry O Bright Jr

Harry Oden

Harry Smith Jr

Harry W Starr III

Harvard Lyman

Hattie Crumpton

Hattie R Elam

Hazel Livingston

Hazel White

Heide Marie

Heidi Hoogwerf

Helen Appel

Helen B Keels

Helen Eder

Helen H Page

Helen Kosilla

Helen M Myers

Helen Scott

Helen Zimmerman

Helene Montgomery

Helmut Norpoth

Henri P Van Helden

Henry B Tippie

Henry Baust

Henry Derrick

Henry Ealy

Henry F Wooten

Henry Fambrough

Henry L Giles

Henry L Jackson

Henry L Thompson

Henry Lee Preston

Henry McKinnon

Henry Miehle

Henry Romero

Henry W Foster

Herbert & Jacqueline Carson

Herbert Bruington

Herbert C Martin

Herbert C Wolfe

Herbert Knight

Herbert L Berry

Herbert Smith

Herman & Doris Smith

Herman A Trass

Herman B Nelson

Herman L Fitzgerald Jr

Herman M Long

Herman Smith

Hessed Haim Fund Inc

Heyward L McKie

Hickman E Bush

High Energy Devices

High Energy Divices

High Five Foundation II

Hilton Hamilton

Hilton L Harrod

Homer B Louya

Homer B Louya Jr

Horace J Booker Jr

Horace P Bullock

Houston Richardson Jr

Howard A Bueschel

Howard Bigelow

Howard Bullard

Howard Herring

Howard J Donoho Jr

Howard M Robinson

Howard Scroggins

Howell K Smith II

Hubert Glover

Huey B Pasley

Hugh A Wilson

Hugh E Byrd

Hugh L Davis

Hugh N Jones

Hugh Smith

Hunter Woodall

Hyacinth Ross