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CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log


CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log

Thank you to the Honorary Flight Log supporters!

The following supporters have stepped up to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Because their mark on history should never be forgotten, this Honorary Flight Log represents the commitments made to ensure the inspirational message of the Tuskegee Airmen will continue to be shared with people of all ages.

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2019 Honorary Flight Log supporters

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There are 267 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
D Easterling

D Lee-Eddie

D M Dean

D Patrick Farley

D R Rietsch

D Steel

D. A. Sparkman

D. Steel

D.R. Rietch

Dale A Nordeen

Dale Andrews

Dale Carrison

Dale R Van Kirk Sr

Dale Scott

Dale Young

Dallas Jackson

Dallas L Krapf

Dallas Smith

Dan D Floeck Sr

Dan Herdeman

Dan Jones

Dana Boller

Dana Morris

Dane Matthews

Daniel C Adler

Daniel C Bach

Daniel Duncan

Daniel Haberle

Daniel Hammond

Daniel L Drake

Daniel L Gabehart

Daniel Lee

Daniel M Turowski

Daniel McNamara

Daniel Mohn

Darrel Anderson

Darrell Spaedy

Darrell W Foell

Darwin Stith

Dave Antoine

Dave Burden

Dave England

Daven Madsen

David & Eugenia Blomstom

David & Mary Jean Yon

David A England

David and Eugenia Blomstom

David and Mary Jean Yon

David B Miller

David Benz

David Browning

David Copeland

David D Harris Sr

David E Alexander

David E Freeman

David E Starling

David Edwards

David England

David Ferro

David Foster

David French

David G Herzig

David Gaither

David Gates

David Georgius

David Goodman

David Green

David Greenleaf

David Hammer

David Harrington

David Hills

David Ingram

David Jones

David Kennedy

David Kohler

David L Hewitt

David L Klaasen

David L McDaniel

David Lewis Esq.

David Loeppky

David M Pacheco

David Marcrander

David N Wakeman

David Neumann

David P Faulkner Jr

David Peters

David Peterson

David Platt

David R Clary

David R Robinson

David Richardson

David Rockow USAF Ret

David Schleicher

David Sennett

David Swansick

David T Lindsay

David Thomas

David Trotter

David Truxal

David Vollmayer

David W Nielsen

David W Wilmot

David Warner

David Wells

David Whiting

David Williams

David Zuck

Davis Alston

Dawn E Speed

De D Williams

Dean G Psiropoulos

Dean J Stoker

Dean Whipple

Debbie Dreher

Debi Caffee

Debora Clovis

Deborah & Glenn B Shurney

Deborah A Hammonds

Deborah and Glenn Shurney

Deborah Greer

Deborah Howie

Debra Nickelson Smith

Deeanne Gibbons

Deitdre A. Holtz

Del H Dugas

Delaree Maddox

Delma Fransaw

Delores Griffin-Stokes

Delores Hayes

Delores Smith

Deloris Leftridge

Deloris Smith

Delouris Johnson

Demetrius Weathers

Deneen & Gregg White

Denise Jones

Denise Taylor

Dennis Archer

Dennis B Dyer

Dennis Bishop

Dennis Butler

Dennis Douville

Dennis Dyer

Dennis Edghill

Dennis Elston

Dennis Flancher

Dennis Hobart

Dennis J Murphy

Dennis James Murphy

Dennis L Garoutte

Denny G Snyder

Derrick Wall

Desmond B Kilkeary

Devon Simpson

Diane Bartels

Diane Bauer

Diane Ferguson

Diane Gray

Diane Sembly

Dianne M Engram

Dick Leighninger

Dirk G Jochems

Dolores And Michael Jackson

Dolores Gautreaux

Dolores Leonard

Dolores M Vichas

Dolores Sparks

Dolores W Powell

Dolphin W Pierce

Dominic A Visconsi

Don A Basnight

Don Cooper

Don Heuer

Don J Ward

Don James

Don McClain

Don R Beck

Don Roper

Don Thompson

Don Thompson in n memory of Carroll L Thompson

Don Vandusen

Don Watson

Donal K Moulton

Donald Alf

Donald C Hegebarth

Donald C Roane

Donald Callender

Donald E Fertenbaugh Jr

Donald Earl Bryant

Donald G Braekevelt

Donald G Goodwin

Donald Godfrey

Donald Goodson

Donald H Leavenworth

Donald H Reese

Donald H Sefton

Donald Harding

Donald Holtz

Donald J Campbell

Donald J Kengott

Donald J Waldvogel

Donald Johnson Jr

Donald King

Donald L Dollar

Donald Martin

Donald P Grasso

Donald P Rhindress

Donald R Delauter

Donald R Sims

Donald S Berlin

Donald Staples

Donald Steiner

Donald Stephens

Donald Turner

Donald Vincent

Donald Wander

Donna Bernardini Carr

Donna K Hightower

Donna Maria Jones

Donna Sprott

Donnie Simpson

Doris Hollis

Dorothy Aguirre

Dorothy Bolden

Dorothy Clarke

Dorothy Drinkard-Hawkshawe

Dorothy Harpe

Dorothy Harper

Dorothy L Wilkins

Dorothy Page Proctor

Dorothy Person

Dorothy R Scott

Dorris Harris-Haynes

Doug Knudsen

Douglas D Shaw

Douglas J Borth

Douglas J Skinner

Douglas Johnson

Douglas Jones

Douglas L Brown

Douglas N Wright

Douglas Petz

Douglas R McKissack

Douglas Shaw

Dr Fred Kapetansky

Dr. & Mrs. B. Thompkins

Dr. & Mrs. Chukwuma Obidegwu

Dr. and Mrs. Chukwuma Obidegwu

Dr. Christopher & Mrs. Elizabeth Sundstrom

Dr. Herbert & Linda Scott

Dr. Jesse and Mrs. Elise Judelle

Dr. Kenneth & Mrs. Becky McAlpine

Dr. Laurence & Dr. Lori Rosenburg

Dr. Leon Turner

Dr. Steven and Mrs. Mary Bryan

Dr. Walter Cooper

Dr. William & Mrs. Melissa Dobak

Dr. William and Melissa Dobak

Dr. William Steeves

Duane Sims

Duboise Gooden

Dwight E Baldwin

Dwight Jaynes

Dwight Juliani

Dwight Kelly

Dwight Powell

Dwight Ramsey