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CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log


CAF Red Tail Squadron Honorary Flight Log

Thank you to the Honorary Flight Log supporters!

The following supporters have stepped up to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Because their mark on history should never be forgotten, this Honorary Flight Log represents the commitments made to ensure the inspirational message of the Tuskegee Airmen will continue to be shared with people of all ages.

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2019 Honorary Flight Log supporters

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There are 218 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
C A Kengla Jr

C Askins

C Atterbury

C Booker

C D Revie

C Horsey

C J Ransom

C Johnson

C L Riley Jr

C Roy Epps

C Russell De Burlo

C W Jennings

C. W. Jennings

C.H. Hughley

Caesar & Ilene A Langston USAF Ret

Caesar A. Langston

Callie Collins

Calvartes Gipson

Calvin C Crittenden

Calvin D Morton

Calvin Harmon

Calvin Morrison

Calvin R Arrington

Calvin Washington

Calvin Wims

Cameron Carter

Carl Clark

Carl D Rider

Carl E Davis

Carl E Henke

Carl E Jennings

Carl F Milton

Carl Kosak

Carl R Seyferth

Carl Reiner

Carla D Williams

Carlessia A Hussein

Carleton Steins

Carlton Alexis

Carlton Kizzie

Carlyle Melleby

Carmen Abad-Fitts

Carmen B Abad-Fitts

Carnie A Hayes Jr

Carol Boone Thompson

Carol Cooke

Carol J Byrd

Carol Kaufman

Carol May Wideman

Carol Ramsey

Carole A Dortch

Carole Woolfork

Carolyn Causer

Carolyn D Jones

Carolyn Joyner

Carolyn Kilpatrick

Carolyn Lingard

Carolyn M Dicks-Kee

Carolyn Mayner-Ariel

Carolyn O Tillman

Carolyn Scott

Carolyn White

Carroll Welch

Cartellia M Bryant

Carver Pugh

Cary Renforth Shade

Cassandra Bivins

Catherine Golden

Catherine H Golden

Catherine Houghton

Catherine W Houghton

Cecil W Snow

Cedric Taylor

Ceil Cirillo

Celeste Dickerson

Celeste Hart

Celestein L Twining

Celestine A Brabble

Charlene Donohoe

Charlene Minus

Charles A Francis

Charles A Pfeiffer

Charles Anderson

Charles B Taylor

Charles Betty Weissman

Charles Binder

Charles Breiner

Charles Brown

Charles C Franklin

Charles Carothers

Charles Cheever

Charles Cromer

Charles D McCarthy

Charles David Coleman

Charles E Berry

Charles E Fuller

Charles E Wilson

Charles E. Wilson

Charles Gaines

Charles H Booth

Charles H Terry

Charles Jones

Charles Kraft

Charles L Hairston

Charles L Wright

Charles Lockhart

Charles Loney

Charles M Traughber

Charles Moore

Charles O Abernathy

Charles R Clouden

Charles R Meadows

Charles R Prater

Charles R Smith

Charles Reid

Charles Rhone

Charles Rivers

Charles Rowe

Charles S Oslakovic

Charles S Warren

Charles W Covington

Charles W Rector

Charles W Rogers USAF Ret

Charles Whitaker

Charles White

Charles Williams

Charles Wright

Charles Zeigler

Charlie Bright

Charlotte Farley

Cheri Walker

Cherri Wright

Cheryl Aaron

Cheryl Anne Harvey

Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Williams

Chester Lambert

Chi Mo

Chris Chambers

Christina Beltz

Christopher Blanc

Christopher L Brown

Christopher Tietze

Christopher Vichiola

Christos Tsakiridis

Chuck Purvis

Chuck Rikli

Clara Allen-Nixon

Clara Clark

Clara M Hall

Clara M Jones

Clara Osborne

Clara R Stanton

Clarance Johnson

Clarence & Jean Toomer

Clarence Abadie

Clarence Brown

Clarence Davis III

Clarence E Billups

Clarence E Jones

Clarence J Williams Jr

Clarence O Mc Broom Jr

Clarence Pringle

Clarence R Webb

Clarence Thornton

Clarence Williams

Clarence Young

Clarice Pippins

Clark Lowe

Claude Moore

Claudette Jones

Claudette Robinson

Claudia P Ambro

Cleave Bethea Sr in memory of Lt Col Howard Baugh

Clement T Buren

Cleo E McPherson

Clifford J Weeks

Clinton Horton Jr

Clive Fenton

Clyde C Roberts Usar Ret

Clyde Ingle

Clyde Roberts

Col Billy G Phillips

Col Ennio Senia

Col Lawrence R Walker

Col Richard Frette

Colby Dempesy

Colleen C Barrett

Columbus Jenkin

Compton Jones

Connie Denton

Connie Glass

Connie Nellum

Constance A Burns

Constance L Rice

Constance Scroggins

Cornelius Johnson

Cornelius Stripling

Corrie Prince

Cort Van Rensselaer

Covia Stanley

Craig D Powell

Craig Lindsay

Craig Shuler

Craig Steineck

Cristian Acosta

Curtis Anderson

Curtis Bloomquist

Curtis L Griffin Sr

Curtis Strommen

Curtis Taylor

Cyneetha Strong and_Roderic Duckworth

Cynthia D Jones

Cynthia Orage

Cynthia P Tucker

Cynthia Roye

Cyprian Belle Jr

Cyrus Spurlino