The Walker Center

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LaVone Kay




The Walker Center, building 1030, is dedicated to First Lieutenant Quitman C. Walker. He was a Tuskegee Airmen from Indianola, Mississippi. He was the first Tuskegee Airman from Mississippi to give his life for his country. A shadow box representing Lt Walker’s military career hangs in the entrance to the Walker Center.

Walker Center is a hangar near the flightline that serves many important purposes. One side of the hangar holds all the gear Airmen are issued when they prepare to deploy and all the training materials provided for said deployments. This includes backpacks, chemical suits, masks, gloves, boots, sleeping bags and more.

The lower level has a civilian aircraft maintenance area and also issues and repairs pilot’s helmets. The Base Honor Guard uses this lower level for storage and practice sessions. This area also includes the base armory.

This hangar was memorialized for 1st Lt. Quitman Walker, a Tuskegee pilot who paid the ultimate price for his country.

Photo: A shadowbox inside Walker Center holds 1st Lt. Quitman Walker’s medals, his dedication plaque and a short biography.

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