Photo of Tuskegee Airmen class 44-H-SE

Submitted by:

Charlotte L.P. Gidden


Houston, TX


Class 44-H-SE graduated from Tuskegee Army Air Field on September 4, 1944. The pilots earned their wings to fly single engine aircraft. The graduating class included:

2nd Lt Emet R. Anders of Carbondale, IL

Flight Officer William P. Armstrong of Providence, RI

2nd Lt Herbert C. Barland of Chicago, IL

2nd Lt Carl E. Carey of St. Louis, MO

2nd Lt James Coleman of Detroit, MI

Flight Officer Charles W. Cooper of Washington, DC

2nd Lt William M. Cousins of Philadelphia, PA

2nd Lt George E. Franklin of Joliet, IL

Flight Officer Morris E. Gant, Chicago, IL

2nd Lt George E. Hardy of Philadelphia, PA

2nd Lt William H. Holloman III of St. Louis, MO

2nd Lt Stephen S. Jenkins Jr. of Columbus, OH

Flight Officer Robert Monroe Johnson of Pittsburg, PA

Flight Officer Charles A. Lane Jr. of St. Louis, MO

2nd Lt Samuel G. Leftenant of  Amityville, NY

1st Lt Albert J. Lieteau of New Orleans, LA

Flight Officer Edward E. Manley of Los Angeles, CA

Flight Officer Samuel Matthews of Birmingham, AL

2nd Lt Felix M. McCrory of Yuma, AZ

2nd Lt Lawrence I. Miller of Los Angeles, CA

Flight Officer John W. Squires of St. Louis, MO

Flight Officer Milton W. Washington of Willow Grove, PA

2nd Lt John L. Whitehead Jr. of Lawrenceville, IL