Lineage and Honors History of the 477th Fighter Group (AFRC)

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LaVone Kay


CAF Red Tail Squadron




Crest: An eagle to dexter, wings displayed Tenne, details Azure, head Or, charged on its breast three mullets Celeste.

Shield: Azure, four stylized bombs descending palewise Tenne, tipped Or, overall fourteen stylized billets bend sinister wise seven and seven Argent, shadowed Silver Gray, above a barrulet of the third, the chief Celeste, charged with a triparted scroll of the fourth, folds of the fifth, inscribed “‘Our’ ‘Hearts With Our’ ‘Country’” above “‘Our’ ‘Eyes On The’ ‘Target’” Sable.


The large bombs symbolize the primary weapons employed by the Group’s aircraft while the fourteen bullets represent a tactical formation.  The four bombs and the two columns of seven bullets also symbolize the unit’s numerical designation.  The eagle represents the United States.  The colors are those of the Army Air Force, ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow.

Read the Lineage and Honors History of the 477th Fighter Group (AFRC).  Prepared by Patsy Robertson and reviewed by Dr. Daniel Haulman.

Letter from Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz to the Tuskegee AIrmen